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Plumbing Replacement Parts



Direct Brand is your home for genuine replacement parts. We stock a huge number of high-quality, durable parts for various engineered products.

Our products can be used in popular devices and systems, most of which are used in the USA.

Find replacement parts for appliances used in commercial and domestic environments.

No matter whether you are a commercial contractor or individual homeowner, we guarantee a fast delivery service to the USA from our warehouse, and offer our services at great value.

Based in Massachusetts, our expert staff are here to help you.

Our staff are always on hand to answer any questions about any of the products we stock and can provide advice on a given part, where necessary.

Direct Brand is a sister company of Crystal Technica and was started in order to provide appliance products for commercial and individual home use.

Both Direct Brand and Crystal Technica are also based in Europe. Our strong understanding of the US heating and appliance market means that we stock only the most reliable and popular pieces of equipment.

Take confidence in our like-for-like replacements at Direct Brand, all of which meet expected safety standards.

Direct Brand product categories include:

Plumbing Replacement Parts & Supplies

Find a part to fit an existing plumbing system in our range of engineered plumbing product replacements. We stock plumbing accessories for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as fixtures and fittings for water heaters, drinking water fountains and toilets.

Our plumbing accessories are suitable for a range of US branded products, and can keep plumbing systems running efficiently.

Pellet Stove Parts and Wood Stove Parts

Pellet and wood stoves are popular for their natural warmth. People love to sit around a burning fire and it is often said that a wood burner adds tons of character to a home.

Direct Brand provides pellet and wood stove replacement parts that match or better branded US wood and pellet stoves. Our replacement parts keep stoves running efficiently.

We stock stove motors, stove igniters, and pellet and wood stove accessories for stoves from various US popular heating stove manufacturers.

These include:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC systems are made up of complex engineered systems that require each part to be fully functioning. When a certain element is faulty, the entire system is affected.

Direct Brand have a huge number of HVAC replacement parts available for US heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our products include fans and vents, condenser fan motors and direct drive motors. All of which can restore HVAC systems to their full working condition.


Appliances are useful in both domestic and commercial environments. Direct Brand stock parts for both.

Whether you are a contractor for a commercial kitchen maintenance or need to fix your own home appliance, we’re likely to have the item you need.

Our appliance items include parts for domestic and commercial ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, washers, dryers and microwaves.

Commercial Kitchens

Direct Brand understand that a commercial kitchen requires appliances to be running efficiently. When a product in a commercial kitchen is faulty, this can present food safety issues and force a business to close for a period of time.

We provide solutions to commercial kitchen faults and failures. Find replacements for beverage equipment, cooking equipment, food preparation equipment, dishwasher repair solutions and more.

Direct Brand provide replacement parts to keep engineered systems running. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service which includes the following:

  • Free shipping and prompt delivery. Orders will be dispatched within 3-10 days. We ship to all countries, not only the USA.
  • 24/7 customer service. Our team at Direct Brand is small and effective, and work 9am-5pm, 5-days a week. Contact us at any time and we will respond to your queries quickly.
  • Expertise. All our products are renowned for being high-quality and to fit with the most popular US manufactured systems.
  • 3-year guarantee on all our parts.
  • All our parts are genuine, exact replacements.
  • Knowledge about California Prop 65. Certain products are marked with Prop 65 warnings, where suitable.

Hundreds of replacement parts for US domestic and commercial products.

We stock hundreds of replacement parts. All of which adhere to safety regulations and are compatible with reputable US brands. In fact, we only stock products of the best quality to fit with US systems safely and conveniently.

Search for what you are looking for by product or manufacturer. Each one should feature a clear description of its use and what it is compatible with.

Most of our parts are guaranteed for 3 years, and are all made from high-quality, durable materials.

Direct Brand, direct replacement.