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HIGH PRESSURE SWITCH for AllPoints Part# 421811

OEM equivalent: Automatic Reset High, Low & Condenser Fan Cycling Pressure;Switches.;HIGH PRESSURE OPEN 425 PSI, CLOSE 300 PSI, +/- 15 PSI;High pressure SPST open on pressure rise;Low pressure SPST open on pressure fall;Condenser fan cycling SPST open on pressure fall.;1/4″ female SAE connection;Snap acting SS hermetically sealed sensor (SHP, SLP & SFC);Small size and light weight for direct mounting;Excellent set point repeatability/stability;Pressure range: 0 to 650 PSI, Burst pressure: 5000 PSI;Life @ rated load: 100,000 cycles;Rated voltage: 50/60 Hz., 24/120/240 V (6 RLA, 36 LRA);Temperatures: ambient 20?F to 176?F (-30?C to 80?C);Fluid 60?F to 250?F (-50?C to 120?C) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part Numbers are given as a reference tool only.

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