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Got a Faulty Refrigerator or Oven?

Here at Direct-Brand we stock replacement parts for faulty appliances. No matter what is wrong with your appliance, you can be sure to find a replacement piece at Direct-Brand. From replacement parts for dishwashers to microwave oven spare parts. You’ll be able to fix your faulty appliance in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your refrigerator may be broken if you experience any of these:

  • There’s no condensation.
  • Your food is deteriorating quicker than normal.
  • Ice building up in the freezer.
  • There’s water on your floor.
  • The refrigerator is loud.
  • Your refrigerator isn’t cold enough.
  • The motor is running hot.

Large appliances such as refrigerators are expensive which means repairing them may be more cost effective. Built-in refrigerators are nearly always worth repairing as they tend to have a longer lifespan.

Your dishwasher may need repairing if:

  • The door doesn’t latch properly.
  • It isn’t energy efficient.
  • You see some rust.
  • Your dishes don’t come out hot.

Signs your oven might need repairing:

  • Worktops are scorching/ blistering whilst you’re cooking.
  • Your oven isn’t heating up properly.
  • Your gas isn’t lighting properly.
  • Your favourite foods aren’t quite coming out properly.

Your dryer may need repairing if:

  • Heat feels insufficient or weak.
  • You hear banging or knocking noises.
  • It refuses to start.
  • The drum won’t turn around.
  • Squeaking or grinding.
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