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Pellet Stove Auger Motors

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About Pellet Stove Auger Motors and Common Issues

A stove’s auger motor is responsible for turning the shaft, which delivers a precisely measured amount of pellets from the hopper into the actual burner of the stove. It consists of an electric motor, instructed by the control board. Sensors in the stove trigger the motor, which turns a reducing gearbox to deliver pellets at the right time for the burner.

When the burner stops getting the fuel delivered, or it is feeding too quickly or too slowly, the motor may be to blame. If the auger bit isn’t turning at all and you can hear no signs of the appliance running, it could be an electrical supply problem. It is possible to test the appliance, but unless you are confident and have the correct equipment, it is best left to a qualified engineer. Incorrect use of electrical testing equipment can result in catastrophic failure.

The auger motor is designed to run at a continuous speed. It will pause delivering the pellets when sensors inform the control board that pellets aren’t needed. On many models, the feed rate is adjustable, and the rate of pellet delivery can be manually adjusted.

If the feed rate is too fast, this can sometimes mean that the stove has become too dirty for the sensors to work correctly. A good cleaning should sort this out. It’s certainly worth trying before calling an engineer. The feed rate not being controlled could also be a fault with the control board.

If the auger bit will spin freely when it is not connected, then the gearbox has failed, and the motor will need replacing.

Once you have established that it is the motor at fault, then it is time to order a new one. Your engineer will need to identify which type is required.

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