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Model WB-13R is ideal for point of use applications such as washing machines, dish washers, drinking fountains, ice makers, water filters, or any water line application that would not exceed 13 Gal. per use during normal operation
WB-13R is adjustable between 1-13 Gal.
If you expect the excess flow to be a rare condition, then the external reset module is not required, note: the reset module will cause the inlet and outlet piping to be offset by 3/4 in.
Automatic set and forget
Automatic reset after every cycle unless set point has been reached
WaterBlock must be mounted in the vertical position with flow either up or down
WaterBlock has a water volume adjustment key for user setting
Requires no electrical power, water flowing through it is all that’s needed
Suitable for both hot (158°ree; F) and cold water
Expected life: approximately 80,000 Gal. total volume before replacing
Material: polypropylene and brass