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Haydon Heat Base 750 90-Degree Outside Corner for Haydon Baseboard Heaters HB750-OC

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SKU: 101740
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All Haydon baseboard heating systems are manufactured to provide many years of trouble-free, safe, silent and economical heat distribution. Hot water baseboard systems generate naturally convected heat that rises gently, warming walls and blocking drafts, providing uniform heat throughout a homes entire perimeter. Haydons system operates smoothly and silently. With hot air, you constantly hear and feel fan on, heat on, draft, fan off, heat off. Slim and unobtrusive, the low profile Model 750s BTU output is ideal for efficient, economical residential installations.

-Enclosure top-back panel: fabricated from 1-piece of sturdy pre-painted cold rolled steel designed for efficient air flow, with uniform surfaces and no dust-collecting cutouts
-Fingertip positional damper: special hinging mechanism allows for finger-tip control, closes shut to keep out dust or opens wide for maximum heat output, damper deflects air into room, for better heating distribution
-High strength brackets: die-formed from 1 piece of heavy gauge steel designed to strengthen the enclosure and protect the heating element against damage special notches hold the heating element to allow for quiet expansion won?t break or bend, cannot pop out of place, a turn of the wrist removes the twist slide brackets, for easy location during installation
-Noiseless element: aluminum fins are mechanically fastened to copper tubing to insure maximum heat transfer, elements have an expanded end for easy sweat connections without coupling
-Silent glide expansion tracks: 2-unique polyethylene silent glide tracks eliminate expansion and contraction noises

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