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    Louisiana Grill 300Watt Igniter 50114

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  • Sale! p-1036 replacement thermal sensor
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    Traeger RTD Temperature Sensor BAC194

  • Sale! P-1035 igniter

BBQ & Grill Igniter Replacements

The life of a grill igniter is not a nice one!

The electrode in a BBQ is under a constant onslaught from fire, heat and food fats. Add to that the vibration of day-to-day use, and it’s no wonder they need regular maintenance.

Older igniters may crack, or the element may become too greasy and dirty to perform to its maximum effect.

This is why we recommend changing your BBQ, grill, oven and smoker igniters regularly.

OEM igniters can be expensive, but Direct Brand supply a range of high quality, weather tested igniter replacements designed to fit perfectly within the most popular grills.

Our igniters also come with a 2 year warranty.

Many grills, like the Wolf and Lynx use several igniters in one unit, which is why we offer discounts on multi-buys, making it even more cost effective to replace your grill igniters.

We supply replacement igniters for the following manufacturers:

  • Wolf
  • Lynx
  • Pit Boss PB Series
  • Fire Magic
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