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Beverage Equipment Parts

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  • Hatco Relief Valve
  • PERLICK DOOR PAN Replacement Part Number  21398-1
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Perlick Door Pan 21398-1

  • Beverage Equipment Parts

    Hatco Temperature/Pressure Gauge

  • Cornelius 1010865 Handle Assembly
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Cornelius 1010865 Push Handle Assembly

  • Beverage Equipment Parts

    Ultrafryer Pump/Motor Assembly 7.6 Gpm – 24A207

  • PERLICK COOLER CONTROL Replacement Part Number  57360
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Perlick Cooler Control 57360

  • Hatco Probe Low Water Cut Off
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Hatco Probe Low Water Cut Off

  • CONTINENTAL Gasket Replacement Part Number  2-705
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Continental Gasket 2-705

  • Cornelius 1004184 Spray Tube
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Cornelius 1004184 Spray Tube

  • Grindmaster 2484 Handle Valve
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Grindmaster Cecilware 2484 Push Down Handle Valve

  • Cornelius 1068272 Bowl Spout Gasket
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Cornelius 1068272 Bowl Spout Gasket

  • ULTRA FRYER PUMP 8 GPM Replacement Part Number  24A300
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Ultrafryer Pump 8 GPM 24A300

  • 1/3 HP Replacement Part Number  24A294
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Ultrafryer Pump/Motor Assembly 8.0 Gpm 1/3Hp – 24A294

  • Beverage Equipment Parts

    Ultrafryer Hose Oil (1/2Npt72″)” 12541

    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Star Thermostat WS-8043-22

  • Beverage Equipment Parts

    Silver King Temperature Control 43064

  • Beverage Equipment Parts

    Silver King Valve Assembly 27922

  • Beverage Equipment Parts

    Silver King Fan Motor 115V/60Hz 21251-2

  • Beverage Equipment Parts

    Silver King Temperature Control 20889

  • PERLICK TEMPERATURE CONTROL KIT Replacement Part Number  C12213B
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Perlick Temperature Control Kit C12213B

  • Beverage Equipment Parts

    Perlick Temperature Control 61283

  • Vita-Mix 1151 Ice Blade Assy
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Vitamix Ice Blade Assy 1151

  • Beverage Equipment Parts

    Hobart Contactor 40Fla 3P 208/240V

  • Hatco R03.12.010.00 Pilot
    Beverage Equipment Parts

    Hatco Pilot R03.12.010.00


Beverage Equipment Parts

In any bar, hotel, restaurant or catering operation, the quality of the drinks and the level of service offered will only be as good as the machines producing the liquids. A broken piece of equipment means no refreshments for customers to enjoy. An engineer will need to be able to promptly fix an ailing machine effectively. We swiftly supply from our range of direct, quality replacement parts for whichever machine has failed, giving your engineer the best possible chance of getting customers’ glass in their hands, as quickly as possible.

After all when beverage equipment parts are faulty and the machine fails, this leads to a huge loss of profit in the commercial catering industry. Faulty parts in beverage equipment therefore needs replacing instantly.

From piping hot specialist teas and barista coffees, to ice cold milkshakes and refreshing beers: A cocktail bar, restaurant, spa hotel, diner, nightclub or truck stop will need reliable machines to produce drinks on demand. With equipment controlling temperature, quality and quantity, there’s a lot to potentially go wrong.

Drinks are more than just a side offering to the main dish of food catering. Many litres of liquid refreshment are served through dispensing equipment every year in America. There is a vast array of equipment producing all these liquids and each piece of machinery will need servicing and repairing at some point in its life.

For every type of drink there are a startling number of different pieces of equipment and machinery involved in getting the product to customers:

Coffee – with 90% of cups of coffee in America being consumed in the morning, the machines and equipment producing those cups are working hard. Coffee is very much an element of American culture with customers very much being connoisseurs.

There are coffee blenders, as well as grinders, getting those beans ready for creating that perfect Americano or Latte.

Even straightforward coffee urns have serviceable features. Top of the range coffee machines, with their steaming noises and stylish looks, are very much at the heart of the coffee house scene. Tools to repair all the equipment used in production of that Cappuccino are available from our extensive range.

Other Hot Drinks – it’s not just coffee having the steam blown off it in bars and truck stops. With so much choice of beverage, there are many pieces of equipment. We’ve got the spare parts for your hot chocolate machines too, as well as all the quality replacement components for tea brewers and tea dispensers. Hot water dispensers of any kind are working hard and will need serviceable parts regularly replacing.

To accompany the hot drinks, or to be enjoyed on their own, milk and cream dispensers are popular.

Cold Drinks – there is an even wider range of equipment for cold beverages than there is for hot drinks.

Juice dispensers (along with those for soda and squash) are often provided in self-service dispensers in many establishments. This means that the dispensing equipment is at the mercy of potential heavy-handed customers and enthusiastic children. To replace any parts, not only those damaged by customers, our range of soft drink dispenser parts will have your sodas flowing again in no time.

Liquor and Beer Dispensers – watching an episode of Cheers might have been less entertaining if the main characters spent their time complaining about the temperature of their beer or quantity of bourbon in their glass. Since the filming of the iconic show finished, some twenty five years ago, the advances in bar dispensing technology has created even more opportunity for equipment failure.

Even liquors have dispensing systems, controlling measures and monitoring stock as it does so.

An engineer can soon have a liquor or beer dispensing equipment part on its way to keep your customers raising their glasses.

Milkshake Machines – with the boom in diner culture, milkshakes became synonymous with these cool hang outs. Whilst they were originally a whisky-based mixed drink, through the 20th century the term developed to what we all think of today. Milkshakes produced in high volume in major eating chains and fast food outlets are normally served from a machine. Pre-made mixes are added to the milkshake machine where they are frozen to the consumable texture and temperature we all know and love.

Direct Brand offer excellent value and fast delivery on our replacement parts for all of your commercial beverage equipment. We are proud of our online support and worldwide shipping options.

If you are experiencing beverage dispensing problems, take a look at our direct replacement parts to fix your appliance.

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