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Pellet stove cover photo

Pellet Stove Seasonal Tips

Pellet Stove Seasonal Tips Welcome to out Pellet Stove Seasonal Tips or checklist. Summer sales are here. Back to School supplies are in the stores. The smell of Pumpkin spice hits you from Starbucks. You now know the fall premiere date of your favorite shows. The Rakes and leaf blowers are out of the garage.

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a guide to the condensor fan motor and replacement

The Condensor Fan Motor Guide

The AC condenser fan motor plays a major part in the successful operation of your HVAC system. Without proper maintenance it may wear, resulting in a poor air flow and unstable heating and cooling conditions. These motors are designed with balanced rotors to help reduce noise and vibrations during use. What is a condensor fan

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HVAC Equipment Maintenance Checklist

HVAC Equipment Maintenance Checklist You should have your system cleaned and checked by a qualified contractor every 6 months. But here is a simple HVAC equipment maintenance checklist that you can use to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, and cut back on your maintenance costs. Simple checks can also save you time and money.

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How to replace a faulty air-conditioner capacitor

How to Replace an Air Conditioner Capacitor

As summer approaches, your air conditioning system springs into action. But before you know it, you might want to know how to replace an air conditioner capacitor if the first switch-on after the coldest months suddenly reveals your AC unit has stopped working and is faulty. One of the most common reasons an AC system

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relight your water heater

How to Relight a Water Heater

It’s always a cold day. You stayed in bed for that 5 minutes extra, in fear of getting out your cozy bed, and into the chilly start to the day that lies ahead. The hot shower will be your solace. After few seconds of discomfort when walking across the cold tiles and exposing your bare

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maintaining your hvac system

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Maintaining your HVAC is important to keeping an efficient and effective system. Help stop problems developing in the future by maintaining your HVAC system properly. Key Benefits to maintaining your HVAC No one wants their HVAC system breaking at unfortunate times. Your HVAC system should be able to be relied upon to work efficiently at

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Re-opening your Restaurant or Kitchen

Get your restaurant or kitchen ready for the festive period

Making Sure Your Commercial Kitchen Is Running Optimally A Restaurant Checklist Now you are preparing for the festive period, it’s time to do a thorough check of all of your commercial kitchen appliances. There is nothing worse than welcoming your customers, only to find your appliances don’t work. Below is a restaurant checklist for commercial

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11 Restaurant Equipment Maintenance cleaning tips

11 Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Tips

Making sure your restaurant is in good working order and running properly is vital to a good service. So what can restaurant managers do to ensure the best possible maintenance of kitchen equipment? Here are 11 restaurant equipment maintenance tips: Top quality restaurants utilize the space available and install the best commercial catering equipment possible.

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air quality tips in your home

22 Tips To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

The air we breathe in also plays a big part to good health, so here are 22 tips to improve the air quality in your home. We all want to be as healthy as possible; we’ll follow an exercise regime and eat healthily to keep ourselves in shape and our bodies in good condition. While

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pellet stove cleaning burning pellets

Benefits of Cleaning Your Pellet Stove

Why You Should Take Care of Your Pellet and Wood Stove Here’s how regular pellet stove cleaning and maintenance can result in a more efficient and long lasting source of heating for your home. As the world strives to increase the use of energy efficient and less harmful fuels, pellet and wood burning stove sales

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