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Making Sure Your Commercial Kitchen Is Running Optimally

A Restaurant Checklist

Now you are preparing for the festive period, it’s time to do a thorough check of all of your commercial kitchen appliances. There is nothing worse than welcoming your customers, only to find your appliances don’t work.

Below is a restaurant checklist for commercial kitchen appliances you can go through to make sure your kitchen is in tip top condition.

Ovens & Fryers

Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

One of the most common faults you’ll find with your commercial oven is the pilot light keeps going out. This is most likely due to a faulty or malfunctioning thermocouple. Often the thermocouple is not in the path of the flame and therefore will not reach the desired temperature to open the safety valve. You may need to replace the oven’s thermocouple.

Your Commercial Oven Won’t Heat Up

This one is easy to diagnose, although in a busy kitchen may be one that is missed. Checking this before opening will save a lot of time and hassle. Looking beyond the dial is important, check whether there is heat present in the oven, if your commercial oven fails to heat up or heats up intermittently, it may be an issue with the oven’s thermostat. Replacing the thermostat as soon as possible will have your oven up and running in no time.

Intermittent or no power

If your oven is struggling to turn on or is showing signs of power intermittently, it may be that your oven is having issues with it’s electrics. This is a great rule of thumb for any appliance, if it is unwilling to turn itself on consistently or refuse to turn on at all then it’s faulty. In terms of your oven it may be that the thermal fuse may be malfunctioning and needs replacing. 

Smell of Gas in or around the oven

Whenever there is a smell of gas, the situation should be taken seriously. It could be that your oven has a malfunctioning pilot light however, it may be that a seal has been faulty. It’s important with any issue relating to gas to contact a qualified technician.

turkey in an oven
chef with turkey

Temperature issues

This issue may be more difficult to spot. If food is coming out under cooked or over done this may be an indication that your oven is having issues with its temperature. It’s important to check this issue before opening the doors to your restaurant. Temperature issues may be caused by a faulty temperature sensor, resulting in your oven not being able to reach the right temperature. Seek to replace your temperature sensor as soon as possible if you have this issue with your commercial oven.

Faulty Burners

Commercial fryers can often show signs of faulty burners, whether it’s a couple of flames or the whole burner. If the fryer burns out when you turn your commercial fryer on then your burners may be faulty. First try and assess the issue when the commercial fryer is cold, it may be that your fryer’s burners need replacing. You can also have problems with your range burner, and this also might also need replacing. 

Broken Thermopile

The commercial fryer’s heating element or thermopile converts the thermal heat into electric energy, heating the oil in the fryer. Heating oil for long periods of time as commercial kitchens do can take a toll on your fryer’s thermopile which is why it is important to check it before opening. If your pilot light does not go on or stay lit, it may be a sign that your thermopile or pilot light are faulty and need replacing. 

Refrigerators & Freezers


It’s vital that your commercial refrigerator or freezer keeps food in a good condition before serving to customers which is why it is important to check that they both maintain the correct temperature. If they don’t this may indicate an issue with the refrigerator’s thermostat. If the thermostat is faulty, get it replaced before opening and check that food is suitable to consume.

Ice Build Up

Refrigerators and freezers can’t just be too warm but they can also be too cold too. If your refrigerator is running too cold this may be an issue with the evaporator. Have it checked by a qualified technician and replaced if necessary.

Faulty Compressors

The compressors are used to keep your food cooled. It’s important to check your refrigerator’s compressors regularly, especially after long periods of time without use. It may be best to have a qualified engineer check the compressors for you. If they are faulty it’s best to have them replaced before opening.


Boilers & Rinse Tanks

Leaks in either of these often happen due to rust, most likely because of a build up of lime-scale. This means that replacing your boiler rinse tank is the only option. Check this before use to avoid a big clean up job before opening.

Door Seals & O Rings

Double check all of the seals on your dishwasher before using it to see if there are any deformation or any issues with their integrity. Dishwasher doors have a rubber gasket around them to prevent water escaping during use. They generally become faulty over time and can become hardened or brittle. Replacing the dishwasher door gasket & O Rings can help keep your dishwasher working properly. 

Water Inlet Valve

Responsible for shutting off and opening water flow into the dishwasher, if this becomes faulty it can cause a mess. Water can end up pooling in the bottom of your dishwasher when not being used. Check that the inlet valve is secured properly and that it is free of damage or wear and tear. If it is faulty or malfunctioning the inlet valve may need replacing.

Direct Brand is dedicated to shipping high quality replacement parts for any of your commercial kitchen appliances so that you can be prepared for any circumstances that happen this festive period.