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maintaining your hvac system

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Maintaining your HVAC is important to keeping an efficient and effective system. Help stop problems developing in the future by maintaining your HVAC system properly.

Key Benefits to maintaining your HVAC

No one wants their HVAC system breaking at unfortunate times. Your HVAC system should be able to be relied upon to work efficiently at all times. Regularly maintaining your HVAC can help prevent any unfortunate repairs.

No one expects their HVAC to run without the occasional issue, but having a HVAC technician maintain your system means that often minor repairs can be carried out before they become larger problems. One problem that offer occurs with air condition units, is the capacitor getting old or over-heated. Always check these first, it may save you time in the long run.

If your HVAC system is not maintained properly it may result in higher energy bills. Maintaining your HVAC system will have it stay at a more efficient level of performance, and save you money in the long run.

HVAC System Maintenance Checklist

If your HVAC system both heats your home and cools it, it is best to have a checklist for both the winter months and the summer months. It’s always best that if you’re in doubt about anything regarding your HVAC system to call an engineer to take a look.

HVAC Winter Checklist

  • Check the heat pump.
  • Check thermostats to ensure they are set at the correct temperatures.
  • Check wiring and electrical connections.
  • Check the ignition burner assembly.
  • Check for gas pressure.
  • Lubricate all moving parts such as bearings and motors.
  • Replace filters every 30 to 90 days.
  • Replace frayed belts and pulleys.
  • Clear drain lines and pans of standing water to prevent overflows.
  • Inspect the flue system and make sure it is securely attached to the furnace.
  • Carefully inspect heating elements or heat exchanger. If these get damaged, they could lead to problems with carbon monoxide. If you own a gas furnace, the technician will check for gas leaks.

HVAC Summer Checklist

  • Remove any debris from around the unit if it is outdoors.
  • Replace all filters.
  • Check the refrigerant charge and for any possible leaks.
  • Check all connections and the electrical system.
  • Clean evaporator coils and condensers.
  • Clear clogs and clean drain lines to ensure proper flow.
  • Remove any standing water from drain pans to avoid overflows.
  • Replace worn pulleys and belts.
  • Check thermostats are set correctly.
  • Make sure the fan motor is operating correctly.
  • Check the HVAC cabinet for leaks.
  • Make sure the HVAC cabinet door is securely closed.

HVAC Technicians are specially trained to check and repair the above mentioned areas of your HVAC. It is important that a qualified expert deals with any issues regarding your HVAC system as soon as possible to have it working at peak performance

What can I do to maintain my HVAC system?

Whilst it is important to have a good HVAC technician look at your system, there are many things the owner of a HVAC system can do to help maintain it.

Clean and Clear the Debris From Outside of the Unit

Gathering debris around your HVAC system can build up and cause issues in the future. It is best to make sure that there is a least 2 feet of clearance around your HVAC system.

Use Good Quality Filters

Using high quality filters and changing them regularly helps improve the effectiveness of your HVAC. Having dirty filters means your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home at the desired temperature.

Check the Refrigerant Lines Regularly

Check monthly whether the refrigerant lines to your HVAC system aren’t worn or developing leaks. These refrigerant lines make sure that your home keeps the desired temperature.

Having your HVAC system working efficiently is imperative to keeping your home at the desired temperature. Follow these checklists to ensure a long life from your HVAC. If you are in doubt about anything regarding your HVAC system call a qualified HVAC technician who will be able to help with any of the above checks.

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