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Lennox/Armstrong/Ducane 95v Igniter (DB7521)

Replacement igniter

  • Brand Name: Direct Brand
  • Part Number: DB7521
  • Equivalent To: 75M21

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SKU: DB7521
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Lennox/Armstrong/Ducane 95 volt Igniter. Part Number: 75M21 (DB7521)

This is a direct drop-in igniter and easy to fit. It is the ultimate upgrade, made by us from the latest robust and durable ceramic. One of the best selection of igniters in the business. Direct Brand offers a large range of igniters for water heaters, boilers & furnaces, ranges, pellet stoves, and pool heaters at competitive prices.

Compatible Models:

  • Lennox G40, Lennox G43.
  • 12260771
  • 697 75M21
  • 75M2101
  • 75M2101m

Included in the box

Kit includes fittings, mounting brackets, wire harness, and gaskets where applicable.

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