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  • Viking

    Viking PA020048 Spark Module

  • PA080015
  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Southbend Igniter Battery Operated – 1.5V 4 Pole

  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Southbend Range 1189810 Quickliter Igniter


Broiler, Oven & Range Replacement Parts

The broil, oven, or range is at the heart of the kitchen. Whether you are cooking for one or two, sharing rushed breakfasts, preparing family meals or dinner parties, they all start with the oven. If this vital hub of the kitchen isn’t functioning you’ll need it repaired to get using it again as quickly as possible.

Also important on a commercial level, the cooker is often the core of busy kitchens, whether that be in a cafe, hotel, restaurant, or public house. With so many styles, fuels, and functions, your engineer will need to know their supplier can get what they need to fix the product.

At Direct Brand, we stock a huge range of genuine replacement parts for all of the major cooker manufacturers; GE General Electric, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Electrolux. Our genuine replacement products include electric oven parts and more.

Control is key when heating food. Every model will have its own control system and very often a fault will be caused by one of these.

Typical items which may have failed when the heat isn’t under control are:

Modern equipment is built to last and expensive to replace. Even if a part of your cooking appliance appears tired, the oven itself may be operating just fine.

All products feature components which may visually degrade after heavy use, repeated spillages and enthusiastic cleaning:

  • Rings – and other trims on the burners, any spillages here may well burn onto the surface, becoming harder to clean off with time.
  • Drip and Broil Pans – your cooker will have pans and trays designed to gather spillages and overflows. These are easily replaced by our extensive range if they become tired.
  • Oven Racks – just like around the burners, the removable racks from inside an appliance may become stained and beyond cleaning after years of heavy use.
  • Oven Grates – burner grates hold the pans a fixed distance from the heat. They are easily replaced, in some models they are fitted with replaceable feet which is an even simpler fix if they become too degraded.
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