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Broiler Parts

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Broiler Parts

Broilers are now one of the key cooking appliances in commercial kitchens. By cooking food using very high temperatures on one side they are often considered to be the indoor equivalent of an outdoor grill.

There are several types of broiler which may be found in the kitchen:

Charbroilers – By far the most common broiler is the charbroiler. They cook at extremely high heats using cast iron or stainless steel grates which get hotter than the air around them. This leaves the cooked food with those mouth-watering charred lines across them.

In an open kitchen, it may be possible to use a wood fired broiler. These are very popular with steak lovers because the meat becomes infused with the smell of the wood smoke. Less used, but equally flavoursome, is the lava rock broiler. Radiant gas broilers are practical and much more common than the lava rock style.  Radiants span the appliance from front to back, and gas from these radiants is ignited to heat the grills. These cast iron or steel radiants are easier to maintain than other broiler types. Another option is the electric charbroiler. Electric radiants, often with water pans to reduce risk of flare up are not as common as gas options. The drips into the water tank will start to cook off and the resulting steam will flavour the food.

Salamanders – These broilers use very high temperatures to cook ‘top down’. They are often used as finishing oven because the heat comes from above. They are great for draining oil from the meat as they cook it. They may be fitted with rotisseries or sometimes branding grills to give the food that pleasing grilled pattern. Smaller than conventional ovens, they can be found mounted on top of a range or on a wall.

Cheesemelters – Very similar to salamanders. The main differences are that they are open fronted, and not usually as hot. They are used for finishing, rather than cooking. If capacity is an issue, cheesemelters can often be seen mounted on top of each other.

Vertical Broilers (sometimes called Gyros) – fuelled by either gas or electric, these may be counter mounted, although for big operations, there are tall, floor standing models available. Using slow roasting, food is mounted vertically and turned on a spit in front of a long open heating element. Most commonly, these are seen cooking a gyro or shawarma.

As with all commercial kitchen appliances, these hard working units require thorough and regular cleaning and maintenance. For servicing and repair, a qualified engineer should be used.

Ignition systems, gas fittings, motors, thermometers and sensors, grates, control panels and so many more parts are all key to a smooth running broiler.

With so many different styles, fuel types, manufacturers and models, your engineer will need to be sure they have the correct part.

At Direct Brand we offer parts for all types of broiler. Your engineer can service your broiler with quality, direct replacement parts from all of the leading brands, such as BKI, Carter Hoffman, Continental and Bakers Pride.

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