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APW Wyott 2068500 Burner Gas Valve

Replacement 210 degrees gas valve

  • Brand: APW Wyott
  • Part Number: 2068500

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SKU: 2068500
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APW Wyott: 2068500 Gas Valve 210 Degrees

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For use with manufacturer’s model number:

  • GCB-18H, GCB-24H, GCB-36H, GCB-48H, GCRB-18H, GCRB-24H, GCRB-36H, GCRB-48H, HDCB-2424, HDCRB-2424, HDCB-2436, HDCRB-2436, HDCB-2448, HDCRB-2448, HDCB-2460, HDCRB-2460, HDCB-2472, HDCRB-2472, HCB-2424, HCB-2436, HCB-2448, HCB-2460, HCB-2472, HCRB-2424, HCRB-2436, HCRB-2448, HCRB-2460, HCRB-2472, HMG-2424, HMG-2436, HMG-2448, HMG-2460, HMG-2472, HHP-212, HHP-424, HHP-636, HHP-848, GHP-2H, GHP-4H
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