Chronomite M30/277Htr 110F-I


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Ideal for sensor/hands-free faucets with the 104°ree;F factory preset setting
Compact design, easy installation, unlimited hot water
Vandal resistant rugged cast aluminum housing
Element assembly is fabricated from Celcon plastic, heating coils are chrome
Meets ADA requirements and complies with standards for: water conserving product, IAPMO, UL, UPC
Applications: commercial, industrial, residential, public lavatories, kitchen sink, bar sink
Includes: compression fittings and faucet flow controls
Certified for use in portable water applications
Field adjustable temperature 104°ree;F to 125°ree;F
Microprocessor use is the most energy efficient means of heating water
Unit must be hard wired
Model number: M30/277HTR 110F-I