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Commercial Kitchen Parts

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  • SOUTH BEND BURNER VALVE (TOP) Replacement Part Number  1178202
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Southbend Burner Valve (Top) 1178202

  • Frymaster 8030018 Portion Control Basket
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Frymaster 8030018 Pasta Portion Control Basket

  • BAKERS PRIDE RADIANT Replacement Part Number  T1155T
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Bakers Pride T1155T Radiant

  • American Range A17036 Top Grate
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    American Range A17036 Top Grate

  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Delfield Shelf 22-5/8 X 25-1/4 3978014

    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Star 2T-Y1668 Hi Limit Safety Thermostat 450F

  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Lincoln Igniter Hot Surface 369552

  • Duke Infinite Switch 5578-2 208V
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Duke 5578-2 Infinite Switch 208V 13A

  • DELFIELD GASKET Replacement Part Number  1702474
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Delfield GASKET 1702474

  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Stero Thermometer 2″Nsf Dial 100/220 Degree F/C

  • VULCAN HART BURNER VALVE Replacement Part Number  404076
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Vulcan Hart Burner Valve 404076

  • Traulsen Hinge Kit, Complete SER-60248-00
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Traulsen Hinge Kit Complete SER-60248-00

  • VULCAN HART RADIANT Replacement Part Number  410602-1
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Vulcan Hart Radiant 410602-1

  • Duke 5580-2 Infinite Switch 120V, 13A
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Duke 5580-2 Infinite Switch 120V 13A

  • VULCAN HART TOP GRATE Replacement Part Number  406820-1
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Vulcan Hart Top Grate 406820-1

  • Southbend 1267759 Ceramic
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Southbend 1-5371 Ceramic

  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Robertshaw Thermopile 48 Inch Two Lead

  • 120V
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Metro Heating Element 120V 1950W Rpc13-365

  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Hatco Infinite Switch Kit 208V (Blk/Red)

  • Vulcan 413300-1 Oven Rack
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Vulcan 413300-1 Oven Rack

  • Delfield Door Replacement Part Number 1702623
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Delfield 1702623 Door Gasket

  • French Plate - 208V
  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Southbend Tube Assembly Pilot Rear 1177448

  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Garland 222034 Bottom Grate


Commercial Kitchen Parts

Direct Brand offers top-quality, commercial kitchen parts for all your restaurant and food industry related appliances and systems. Our highly trained USA based support staff is available to assist you with your entire order.  Get next day delivery options and easy returns.

Direct Brand understands that all the equipment within a profit-making kitchen must be working efficiently for a successful catering business. Whether the business is a small quality restaurant, busy urban diner, or a take-away outlet, the appliances for food and drink preparation must be in full working order. When a cooking product is not working well or fails to work at all, this can cause issues with the food itself or customer wait times. When a machine doesn’t work it can lead to customer complaints, less turnover of the business and in worse case scenarios- harm to customers from undercooked foods.

Let’s face it, working in a busy kitchen is hard enough. It’s fast-paced and pressured, however, with equipment that doesn’t work properly, the stress could almost become unbearable.

Direct Brand stocks commercial kitchen parts to keep various catering machines in full working order. If there is a fault with a piece of equipment, more often than not, an engineer can fit a direct replacement to get it working again. There are various areas of the kitchen where appliances must be used- for cleaning, cooking, serving drinks, storing, and serving. All of these aspects must be covered for a catering business to provide a service that both impresses customers and complies with rules and regulations.

Cleaning Appliance Parts

Direct brand stock dishwashing equipment parts to ensure the kitchen’s dishwasher is working properly. For law-abiding food practices, it is essential that all dirty plates, cutlery, and other utensils are cleaned at high heat with an effective detergent for the safety of staff and customers.

A dishwasher is extremely useful, however, it is quite a complex product. The combination of its heavy-usage and intricately engineered parts means that a dishwasher can often be prone to getting a fault in it. Dishwashers can present problems and start operating at dangerous temperatures, not heat up at all, not turn on at the power switch, and leak.

Issues with the dishwasher raise the probability of slips, trips, and falls due to more water leaking onto the floor, as well as the risk of electrocution and burning. Most of these issues can be fixed simply with a direct replacement part, fitted by a trained engineer.

Direct Brand stock a variety of parts for commercial dishwashers to fix any issues and get them working once again.

Cooking Appliance Parts

Commercial kitchens utilize microwaves, ovens (gas and electric), toasters, hobs, and grills to cook food for customers. Each and every product in the kitchen must be working in order for the premises to deliver food for consumers. When a fault is established in any cooking appliance, some items may need to be removed from the menu and cooking times can become considerably longer.

In restaurants with a flexible menu, what is on offer may be changed completely when a machine is faulty. Fast food outlets may need to close temporarily until the problem is fixed- or limit the products on offer. Whatever the establishment, a problem with any cooking equipment will lead to a loss of consumption and a loss of profit. Stock may take longer to be used up and may need to be thrown away if it can’t be used and goes out of date.

Food must be cooked to regulatory heat to be safe for consumption. In a commercial kitchen, it is even more imperative that heating appliances work optimally for the safety of consumers. Whether your cooking appliance isn’t reaching the required temperature, is noisy, or isn’t coming on at all, Direct Brand will have a replacement item that can be fitted by an engineer to get the machine working properly again.

Our cooking appliance replacements are divided into cooking equipment parts and oven & range parts.

Storage Product Appliance Parts

Before the food is cooked in a commercial kitchen, it is necessary for it to be stored. Edible goods will be delivered at the law-abiding temperature and it should be kept in a suitable storage solution. Commercial kitchens consist of refrigerators, freezers, and dry stores which house low-risk and high-risk foods.

Dry stores do not usually require engineered parts to maintain the temperature as they tend to house foods that can be safely kept at room temperature. Refrigerators and freezers, however, contain a number of serviceable parts that need to be replaced when problems and faults occur.

The nature of the food that refrigerators and freezers hold means that any issue with the appliance can lead to poisoning incidents. It is vital that refrigerators are kept in full working order for the health of the customers and the business. Direct Brand stock refrigeration parts to keep refrigerators functioning properly.

Preparation Appliance Parts

In all commercial food environments, consumables must be prepared before cooking to ensure quality and for time-saving purposes during a busy service. Direct Brand stock food preparation equipment parts to make sure the necessary products are working well and consistently. Preparation products include juicers and smoothie makers, cutters, mixers, mincers, and more.

Holding and warming

The final stage of the cooking process before the dish or take-away product will be served to the customer. Holding and warming the product is important since it ensures the food does not go cold once all the previous processes have been completed. Food will need to be kept warm once cooked to satisfy the consumer and ensure it is served at a safe temperature. If a commercial kitchen is having ongoing problems or a single issue with a serving area, an engineer may be required to fix the fault. Within our range of holding and warming parts at Direct Brand, an engineer will find a direct replacement item to fix any problems with a holding and warming plate or server.

Browse our range of commercial kitchen parts

Direct Brand stocks replacement parts for the entire commercial kitchen. From storing foods to serving beverages, if you need something to fix a machine, you’ll find it in our selection. We’re proud to keep catering businesses running efficiently and our customers can take advantage of fast delivery times, quality products, and great value.