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BELL CRANK HOOK for Hobart Part# 00-413381-00002

SKU: 261726.4320-00-413381-00002


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OEM Equivalent: DOOR HOOK LEFT, 3.02″ LONG, HOOKS ARE AT 90 DEGREES TO; EACH OTHER.;LAYING FLAT WITH TOP HOOK LEFT, THEN BOTTOM HOOK IS UP.;ORIGINAL WAS BLUE.;FRANKLIN CHEF OVEN SERIES GH;VULCAN OVEN 12 OPEN TOP, 148L, 148LC, 160L, 160L77R, 160LC,;24 GRIDDLE, 24L, 260L, 260LC, 260LCC, 36 GRIDDLE, 36FL77R,;36L, 36L77R, 36LC, 481L, 481LC, 48L, 60FL77R, 60L, 60L77R,;60LC, 60LCC, E24L, E36L, E48L, E60L, EG160, EG24, EG260,;EG36, EG60, MG12