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Blodgett TS11K-4512-1-1 Oven Pilot Safety Valve 55127


SKU: 55127

This is a genuine OCM replacement part for the Blodgett Gas safety Valve TS11K-4512-1-1 & filter kit.

  • Brand: Blodgett
  • Part Number: 55127
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Blodgett Gas safety valve TS11 & Gasket Kit 55127

This is a genuine OCM replacement part. You should always replace a broken valve with a genuine replacement part to keep your unit working properly and theBlodgett Gas safety Valve TS11 is a perfect fit for all compatible pizza ovens.

Full Product Specifications:

  • Length: 3.42 ins
  • Width: 2.95 ins
  • Height: 2.44 ins
  • Weight: 0.88 lbs
  • Gas Inlet: 1/2″ NPT Gas Outlet: 1/2″ NPT Pilot Out: 3/16″ CCT Thermocouple Connection: 11/32
  • TS11K,high temperature pilot safety valve
  • 3/16″ CCT pilot, 3-1/2″ width, pilot out only (K type)
  • TS11 pilot safety valve for Blodgett FM retrofit kits
  • NOTE: Has blue gasket for high temperatures
  • BLODGETT oven series 900, early units updated and units made after 1/25/09 until 2/16/16

Included in the Blodgett 55127:

Gas safety valve TS11

Replaces Models:

  • Blodgett 981BASENAT, Blodgett 981BASELP, Blodgett 981&966NAT, Blodgett 81&966LP, Blodgett 981&961NAT, Blodgett 981&961LP, Blodgett 981&951NAT Blodgett 981&951LP, Blodgett 981DBLNAT, Blodgett 981DBLLP, Blodgett 981SGLNAT Blodgett 981SGLLP, Blodgett 966BASENAT, Blodgett 966BASELP, Blodgett 966DBLNAT Blodgett 966DBLLP, Blodgett 966SGLNAT, Blodgett 966SGLLP, Blodgett 961PBASENAT Blodgett 961PBASELP, Blodgett 961PDBLNAT, Blodgett 961PDBLLP, Blodgett 961PSGLNAT, Blodgett 961PSGLLP, Blodgett 961BASENAT, Blodgett 961BASELP Blodgett 961&966NAT, Blodgett 961&966LP, Blodgett 961&951NAT, Blodgett 961&951LP, Blodgett 961TRPLNAT, Blodgett 961TRPLLP, Blodgett 961DBLNAT Blodgett 961DBLLP, Blodgett 961SGLNAT, Blodgett 931, Blodgett 951&966NAT Blodgett 951&966LP, Blodgett 911PBASENAT, Blodgett 911PBASELP, Blodgett 911PTRPLNAT, Blodgett 911PTRPLLP, Blodgett 911PDBLNAT, Blodgett 911PDBLLP Blodgett 911PSGLNAT, Blodgett 911PSGLLP, Blodgett 911BASENAT, Blodgett 911BASELP Blodgett 911TRPLNAT, Blodgett 911TRPLLP, Blodgett 911DBLNAT, Blodgett 911DBLLP Blodgett 911SGLNAT, Blodgett 911SGLLP, Blodgett 901BASENAT, Blodgett 901BASELP Blodgett 901DBLNAT, Blodgett 901DBLLP, Blodgett 901SGLNAT, Blodgett 901SGLLP Blodgett 961,961&951NAT, Blodgett 961,961&951LP, Blodgett 1060BASENAT Blodgett 1060BASELP, Blodgett 1060ADDLNAT, Blodgett 1060ADDLLP, Blodgett 1060DBLNAT, Blodgett 1060DBLLP, Blodgett 1060SGLNAT, Blodgett 1060SGLLP Blodgett 1048BASENAT, Blodgett 1048BASELP, Blodgett 1048ADDLNAT, Blodgett 1048ADDLLP, Blodgett 1048DBLNAT, Blodgett 1048DBLLP, Blodgett 1048SGLNAT Blodgett 1048SGLLP, Blodgett 999, Blodgett 916, Blodgett 931, Blodgett 951

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