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PLATE MOUNT CASTER, NO BRAKE 2 W 1-7/8 X 2-5/16 for Frymaster Part# 8100006

SKU: 263391.4678-8100006


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OEM Equivalent: SWIVEL PLATE CASTER;[2″ DIA] X [3/4″ WIDE] PLATE MOUNT CASTER W/O BRAKE;100 LBS (PLATE SIZE 2″ X 2-5/8″) AND (15/16″ X 2-1/8″;HOLE CENTERS), (LOAD HEIGHT 2-5/8″);FAST FRYER F50B, F50S, F50S-BK, F86,;F100B, F100S, F150B, F150S.;FRYMASTER FRYER 18UE, BID80, BIH1721, EH1721, FM35, FM45,;FM47, FMCFE, FMCFEC, FP128, FP136, FP236, FP28, FP36,;FPH17,H14, H14 Naval, H14 Sub, H17, H17 Naval, H22, H22;Naval,J3F, J65X, JCFX, KFC18E, KJ3FC, KSCFH218E, MJ35,;MJ45,MJ47,MJCF, MJCFE, MJCFEC, SUFF 50, SUFF 60, SUFF 80,;Super Cascade 75, TB14, UFF 80, WFP347ECSE