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Commercial Kitchen Parts

Find all your replacement commercial kitchen parts here.

Direct-Brand recognizes that equipment in a successful commercial kitchen must be working efficiently. We offer top quality replacement commercial kitchen parts for all restaurant appliances and systems.

It’s important to have your equipment back up and running fast which is why Direct Brand offers fast shipping options so you can have your quality replacement parts in no time at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Possible issues with a coffee machine can be a faulty thermostat or other components that may need replacing.

The most common cause is a build up of ice inside, however it may be that your ice machine is faulty and requires a part or parts replacing.

Possible causes of the oven not working are:

  • The temperature sensor in the oven is faulty.
  • A faulty ignitor, stopping the oven from igniting. 

Faulty oven parts can be dangerous if use is continued. It is advised you have these faulty parts replaced.

Your dishwasher may need repairing if:

  • The door doesn’t latch properly.
  • It isn’t energy efficient.
  • You see some rust.
  • Your dishes don’t come out hot.
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