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  • Vulcan 413300-1 Oven Rack
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Vulcan 413300-1 Oven Rack

  • VULCAN HART GRATE Replacement Part Number  710423

    Vulcan Hart Grate 710423

  • Oven & Range Parts

    Southbend Burner Valve (Top) 1178202

  • Pitco A1907902-C Joint Strip
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Pitco A1907902-C Joint Strip

  • American Range A17004 Radiant
  • VULCAN HART TOP GRATE Replacement Part Number  406820-1

    Vulcan Hart Top Grate 406820-1

  • BAKERS PRIDE RADIANT Replacement Part Number  T1007A
  • Apw Wyott 2068500 Burner Valve
  • Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Vulcan Hart 415780-3 Blower Wheel Assembly

  • Star HT-197851 Heater Tube
    Broiler Parts

    Imperial Burner 1020

  • IMPERIAL PILOT ASSEMBLY Replacement Part Number  20001
  • Garland CK1935802 Pilot Assy
  • GARLAND KNOB Replacement Part Number  4522585
    Broiler Parts

    Garland Knob 4522585

  • blodgett 18256 sensor probe
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Blodgett 18256 Flame Sensor

  • Garland 1028207 .011 Pilot Orifice LP
  • VULCAN HART POWER SWITCH Replacement Part Number  824226-2
    Vulcan Hart Parts

    Vulcan Hart Power Switch 824226-2

  • Griddle & Grill Parts

    Vulcan Hart Spark Module 720385

  • Star 2T-30402-07 Thermostat Replacement
    Griddle & Grill Parts

    Star 2T-30402-07 Thermostat


Cooking Equipment Parts

Commercial kitchens are full of cooking appliances for grilling, broiling, steaming, warming or sizzling all of the mouth-watering dishes for your discerning customers. With long hours of non-stop service and maybe heavy-handed use, many pieces of commercial cooking equipment will need regular servicing and repair. Kitchens don’t simply rely on an oven to produce hot meals, there is actually an array of commercial cooking products to choose from. And everyone will have a role to play in your service.

Broilers and Charbroilers are used to create an authentic smoky aroma and taste, effectively giving diners the flavors of outdoor cooking, but from within a kitchen. With good ventilation and regular cleaning, as well as turning them off when not in use, these units should have a long and productive lifespan.

Regular maintenance and care of your kitchen appliances should keep the need for engineers’ repairs to a minimum. Making the right long term decisions about equipment in your commercial kitchen can be a nerve-racking time. Investing in a high-quality Commercial Microwave Oven (this is often a ‘combination oven’ where hot air combines with microwaves for cooking) requires a substantial outlay. Combination ovens create a more traditional meal whilst still having the speed and convenience of a microwave.

A faulty microwave oven could bring the kitchen to a standstill. From our extensive range of commercial microwave oven parts, your engineer can soon have the food piping hot again. Commercial Toasters are often displayed out on a self-service breakfast counter. They are another appliance that takes some heavy-handed use. Not simply limited to the traditional pop-up variety of toaster, more toast can be created with the use of a conveyor toaster. All these types of toasters will be requiring care and maintenance and have many parts that could wear out or be broken in use.

Rethermalizer and Bain-Marie (water baths) food heaters offer kitchens a way to keep control of food temperatures and cut down on waste. Food can be packaged as meals meaning the same cooking appliance can be preparing different dishes without cross-contamination between foods. The main advantage of a rethermalizer over a bain-marie is the ability to take food from freezing up to 165 degrees in 90 minutes, avoiding the need of warming and then transferring to the water bath.

Griddles, which tend to feature smooth, flat surfaces, and grills, with their distinctive bars, are both commercial kitchen favorites. Grills are particularly good for keeping food from cooking in its own fat and are great for meat and vegetables alike. The grill can run off mains, bottled gas, or electricity, and comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Grills are also a diverse product, with some including interchangeable cooking surfaces and others featuring top and bottom hot plates. Pancakes, paninis, and even waffles are often cooked on the griddle.

Don’t allow any of your utensils to let you down, here at Direct Brand we have a wide and comprehensive selection of quality replacement parts for all your equipment. We understand that commercial kitchens require more specialist parts than domestic kitchens. Boiling some water in a saucepan to cook pasta, for example, is a method used at home and in very small kitchens. A large commercial catering operation will demand a whole batch of pasta to be cooked at once. Commercial Pasta Cookers, as well as Commercial Rice Cookers, can perfectly prepare large quantities and ease the running of the kitchen. Direct Brand has all the parts to keep this appliance working.

A Salamander, which differs from a Cheese Melter, is often used for browning casserole or heating rare cuts of meat. Usually mounted over the back of a range or similar oven it focuses heat down onto a cooking grate and the distance from the heat will be adjustable.

Cheese melters are likely to operate at lower temperatures and will feature a grill and a crumb rather than a fat collecting tray. As technology moves on, these two pieces of equipment are becoming interchangeable as they develop adjustable heat sources.

Keeping on top of all your appliances and the servicing of them is essential. With all of these appliances and other Speciality Cooking Equipment to look after, it’s good to know Direct Brand is here to provide all your servicing and repair parts. Direct Brand is your reliable source of high-quality replacement parts for all of your commercial cooking equipment.

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