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Coolrun | Maxi Universal Capacitor Motor



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Direct Brand’s Universal Capacitor Motor – CoolRun, holds a US patent. Its main purpose is to reduce inventory by replacing hard-to-find and obsolete capacitors.

For over 15 years, users have chosen this motor run capacitor as a steadfast solution. It replaces up to 200 single and dual value motor run capacitors, ranging from a combined total capacitance of 5.0 MFD to 97.5 MFD. Simply follow the provided comprehensive instructions and use the included jumper leads to achieve the desired capacitance.

Most people use these motor run capacitors in air conditioning systems and forced-air heat furnaces.


Full Product Specification:

  • US Patent Protected: 7,987,593 8,159,810 8,395,879
  • Awesome price, well below our competitors
  • The COOLRUN is designed for single or dual capacitor rating for condenser and blower motors up to 97.5 MFD.
  • The range is 5.0 MFD – 50 MFD. 370-Volt or 440-Volt applications.
  • No additional adjustments are necessary for 370 MFD and 440 MFD.
  • Cooler running for extended capacitor life, all year round
  • Full 5 year warranty
  • Meets the universal permanent split capacitor EIA (electronic industry association) standard, EIA 456
  • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

For single value capacitors, see the Mmmunicap20


Compatible With:

  • Compatible to operate with capacitor hard start kits
  • Replaces single and dual value capacitors – 370 or 440 VAC 506239
  • Replaces 200 single value capacitors 12.5 MFD combined total capacitance 506240


Included In The Box:

coolrun mmunicap 200 jumpering instructions

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4.5 in
Coolrun | Maxi Universal Capacitor Motor 3Coolrun | Maxi Universal Capacitor Motor

Coolrun | Maxi Universal Capacitor Motor