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Everkem Ts100C Clear Silicone

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TruSil 100 is 100% silicone, a lot of lower-end silicones cut their products with fillers that result in an extended formulation. TruSil 100 provides greater adhesion, minimal shrinkage, higher temperature resistance and amp; lower temperature application, and overall increased performance over these lesser, extended formulations
TruSil 100 is NSF certified, this certification ensures that TruSil 100 is food safe meaning that it does not cause/carry food borne illnesses when it comes into contact with food or beverages; this makes it ideal for use in and around food processing, storage, or virtually any silicone application where contact with food might occur
TruSil is LEED v4 compliant and classified as a low emission interior sealant and adhesive applied on site
TS100s tube is designed with a removable nozzle which allows for easy cleaning, storage, and reuse after product has been opened; when using multiple tubes on a project, you can transfer nozzles from tube to tube so as to make sure your bead size remains consistent for the entire project; the screw on tip reduces wastes (and therefore costs) by limiting the products exposure to air and moisture between uses, thus helping to prevent premature curing
TruSil 100 offers 50+ years of durability, meets ASTM-C920, and remains permanently flexible
Mildew resistant, which makes it great for applications where moisture is present (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.)
+25% / – 25% joint movement allows the product to stretch move, which is important as joints/gaps/seams/etc. shift or expand & contract due to temperature and humidity changes; a sealant that doesn’t have some stretch to it can tear away from the substrate,
Can be used in temps (constant) at 400°ree;F, intermittent exposure up to 450°ree;F

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