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Desa, Master Reddy and Procom Igniter PP200

Replacement igniter:

  • Brand Names: Desa, Master Reddy & Procom
  • Product Number: PP200
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  • Quality replacement without paying the OEM price!

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SKU: PP200
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Desa, Master Reddy and Procom Igniter. Part Number: PP200

The ultimate upgrade made from Silicon Nitride, making the igniter robust and durable. This easy to fit, L shaped, hot surface igniter is a direct drop-in upgrade with a white ceramic holder and 2 wires. 120 volts 3 year warranty. It replaces part number DB200 and all previous L shaped hot surface igniters used in forced air oil heaters. Fits products from the following manufacturers;

  • Reddy Heater
  • Master Heaters
  • John Deere
  • Remington
  • All-Pro
  • ProCom
  • Universal
  • Husky by Home Depot
  • Kobalt by Lowes
  • Sears Craftsman
  • WW Grainger
  • Dayton

Replaces the following part numbers

  • PP200 PP200SC HA1000 102337-03 102548-01 102548-02 102548-03 102548-04 102548-05 102548-06 102548-07 112072-01 ProCom 160002-1

Fits the following heaters:

  • DESA kerosene heaters   AC-165 B30 B30C B50 B50A B50B B50D – Round B50D – Square B50E/F/G/H/J B55 B55BT/CT B60 B65 B65D B66D – Round B66D – Square B70 B70B/BT B70D/DT B70ET B75 B80 B90 B100 B100A/AK/B/C/D/F/G/KD B110 B110A/B/BT/T B115 B115CT/DT/T B120 B125C B140 B140D B150 B150A/B/C/CAK/D/F/FT B150G/GT/H/J/JT/KD/M B155/A/C/CT/DT/T B165 B165A/AT/CT/DT/T B200 B200AT/BT BC40 BC55CT/T BC70ET/T BC115CT/D/T BC165CT/DT/T BV115T B99D M100VT M125AT/T M140VT M150D/S M170T/AT M200AT/T M200VT M350 M600 MARK50/50D MARK75D MARK120D MARK140D MARK150D MC60 MMV400A MS80 MV/MMV440 MV120 MV250 PK55 PK60 PK70T PK110 PK115T PK165T PKC115DT PKC165DT PKC70ET PKHD170T PKHD200T R30 R35 R35A/B/D/E R40 R40T R50 R50A/B/BT R55 R55A/B/BT/CT/M R60 R60A/D R70
  • Master Heater models B50H B50J B55 B55BT B55CT B60 B70D B70DT B110B B110BT B115 B115CT B115T B150J B150JT B155CT B155T B165A B165AT B165CT B200AT B200BT BC40 BC55T BC70T BC115CT BC115T BC165CT BC165T M125T M170T M200T
  • ProCom All Models PCK80,110,160,175,220
  • Reddy Heater models R35D R35E R40 R40T R55A R55B R55BT R60 R70D R70DT R110B R110BT R110C RC40 RC55T RC70T RC115CT RC115T RC165CT RC165T RH125T RH170T RH200T RHD125T RHD170T RHD200T RL125T RL170T RL200T RM60 RM115 RM115C RM115CT RM155 RM155C RM200AT RM200BT
  • Remington Heater models REM35B REM35C REM40 REM50C REM55A REM55B REM60 REM110B REM110BT REM115 REM115C REM115T REM150E REM155B REM155C REM200AT REM200BT RE125T RE170T RE200T

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