Water Heaters

Hot water, used throughout a house or commercial premises, isn’t always supplied by a central system linked to the heating. In many cases there will be a need for separate, independent water heater.

There are many types of heater. They can be used for various applications, powered by different fuel sources and made available from a wide range of manufacturers.

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Commercial & Residential Water Heaters & Replacement Parts

Commercial Water Heaters – In a commercial setting, a more heavy-duty water heater is required. Different sizes of water heaters are available with various manufacturer styles and designs. Water heater Sizes can range from 30 liters, all the way up to 500 liters and larger. It is essential that when a fault occurs in a commercial water heater that it can be fixed without delay.

Domestic Water Heaters – Similar to commercial water heaters, there are many residential styles and capacities to choose from, but they are all designed to be accommodated in spaces around the home. Domestic products are used far less strenuously than commercial alternatives, however, there is still the possibility of a fault occurring.

If you are suspicious that your water heater is failing, there are some telltale signs that you may be right:

Age – it may sound obvious, but a unit over 10 years old is far more likely to start misbehaving. A well-maintained unit, which hasn’t been overused, may last much longer. However, if the product has been used a lot, problems may develop over time.
Dirty Water – if hot water is starting to appear discolored, this could be a sure sign that the tank is starting to corrode from the inside. A visit from an engineer or plumber should be able to confirm this.
Noise – should you start hearing a rumbling, or banging, from the tank, there may be a build-up of sediment, or perhaps a more serious problem developing. Regular flushing of the whole system should help to avoid any build-up of destructive sediment.
Leaks – a plumber can eliminate the pipework or fittings being the source of a leak. A pool of water under the unit means that it is probably time the product is replaced.
Low Water Pressure – if the water is starting to run more slowly, sediment in the tank or pipework could well be to blame. Aging pipework with a smaller diameter should be replaced with larger new pipes to cope with modern water usage demands.
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