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Dishwasher Replacement Parts

Modern life is busy. Both at home and in commercial environments. We’ve become accustomed to our appliances taking the strain out of domestic chores. Dishwashers are essential in any busy kitchen. Should they fail on you, you’ll need a quick and effective repair. Direct Brand stock dishwasher parts for all the major manufacturers, including Bosch, Kitchenaid, and Whirlpool. Once your engineer has found a faulty component, they can browse our extensive range of quality replacements and get your repair underway.

Products that need replacing can be electrical features like dishwasher fuses to more structural products like springs, dispensers, and racks. Before rushing to call an engineer to your misbehaving dishwasher, it will be worth checking that hoses and filters are clear of debris or solid lumps of detergent. Ensure that you always use detergent recommended by the manufacturer to avoid sub-standard products contaminating the machine. There are many parts which may simply break, making the machine awkward to use or rendering it out of action.

Often a simple replacement is all that’s required:

  • Wheels and Rollers – the racks carrying the dishes get pulled out and pushed back
    in over wheels or rollers, depending on the model. These can be become worn or break completely, but they are easily replaced.
  • Racks – The racks, or baskets, which hold the dishes are also subject to heavy use and may become warped, discolored or broken over time. Simply replace them with
    a quality replacement from our range. Some models have rack adjusters which may be the cause of a sticking rack.
  • Knobs – As with all appliances, the control knobs are susceptible to breaking after time.

In the event of a complete machine failure, or something more serious becoming faulty, then an engineer should definitely be called to diagnose the problem. Even then, they can order quality replacements and hopefully repair the machine rather than have
to replace it.

Some of the more serious dishwasher parts which may fail are:

  • Drain Pumps – if nothing appears to be blocked, the machine may be failing to empty because the drain pump has broken down. Compared to a new machine, this
    will be an economical repair.
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