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Dishwashing Equipment Parts

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  • 801-2336 - SOLENOID VALVE - 120V
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Hobart 00-919172 Solenoid Valve, Steam 120V

  • HOBART DUAL TANK PROBE -WATER LEVEL Replacement Part Number  00-329274
    Dishwasher Parts

    Hobart Dual Tank Probe Water Level

  • JACKSON THERMOSTAT Replacement Part Number  6401-021-83-83
    Dishwasher Parts

    Jackson Thermostat 6401-021-83-83

  • JACKSON PUMP SEAL Replacement Part Number  5330-002-34-22
    Dishwasher Parts

    Jackson Pump Seal 5330-002-34-22

  • HOBART SOLENOID VALVE Replacement Part Number  893100-1
    Dishwasher Parts

    Hobart Solenoid Valve 893100-1

  • HOBART 00-289121 Probe & Switch Assembly Kit (Low Water Protection) Replacement Part Number 00-289121
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Hobart 00-289121 Float Probe & Switch Kit

  • 00-274230-00002
  • Hobart 00-271621 Probe and Switch
    Dishwasher Parts

    Hobart 00-271621 Probe & Switch Assembly

  • Hobart 00-186091 4 Wire Kit Replacement Part Number 00-186091
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Hobart 00-186091 Probe and Float Switch Assembly Kit

  • Powersoak 29584 Start Capacitor
    Dishwasher Parts

    Power Soak 29584 Start Capacitor

  • Stero A10-4275 Magnet Assembly
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Stero A10-4275 Dishwasher Magnet Assembly

  • Powersoak 29580 Run Capacitor
    Dishwasher Parts

    Power Soak 29580 Run Capacitor

  • Hobart Solenoid Valve 3/8 " In/Out 110-120V
    Dishwasher Parts

    Hobart 271006-1 Solenoid Water Valve

  • Powersoak 31983 Run Relay / Switch
    Commercial Kitchen Parts

    Power Soak 31983 Run Relay/Switch

  • Star Mfg A10-1813 Dolly Wheel
    Dishwasher Parts

    Star A10-1813 Stero Dolly Wheel

  • Jackson 6401-008-43-00 Probe
    Dishwasher Parts

    Jackson 6401-008-43-00 Probe

  • STERO P651183 Thermostat
    Dishwasher Parts

    Stero P651183 Thermostat

  • Dishwasher Parts

    Stero Heating Element480V 5000W P551133

  • STERO SOLENOID 240V 3/4 Replacement Part Number  P542816
    Dishwasher Parts

    Stero Solenoid 240V 3/4 P542816

  • Stero C101005 Float Switch Assembly
    Dishwasher Parts

    Stero Float Switch Assembly C101005

  • STERO Float Switch Micro Switch Assembly Replacement Part Number  A102054
    Dishwasher Parts

    Stero Float Switch Micro Switch Assembly

  • Dishwasher Parts

    Stero Float S.S. A101432


Dishwasher Equipment Parts

Imagine the scene, your expertly prepared and beautifully presented meals are heading out to expectant customers as they eagerly await the evening’s first sitting. Desserts are being prepared and the second sitting is also fully booked.

As soon as the dishes start returning to the kitchen, however, disaster strikes- and the dishwasher fails. The dream evening is becoming a nightmare. Suddenly you are wishing those regular checks and preventative measures had been carried out.

There are several regular servicing techniques, cleaning routines and checks which can be carried out on the dishwasher by you and your team:

  • Pre-scrape all dishes (it is not a waste disposal unit)
  • Frequent and thorough cleaning
  • Keep rinse aid topped up
  • Regularly change water in the tank – at least twice a day
  • End of day routine – clean all filters and leave the door open

Additionally, once a year, have a qualified engineer service the dishwasher. All serviceable parts will be inspected, de-scaled and replaced where necessary. Whatever the manufacturer, whichever machine, Direct Brand have the quality replacement Commercial Dishwasher Parts your engineer may need.

It is not just the dishwasher that keep the kitchen sparkling clean and hygienic:

Commercial kitchens using silver service will most likely use a Burnisher to keep the cutlery looking pristine for every sitting. Larger types of burnisher will also look after coffee pots, service plates and any other silver service utensils. As a specialist piece of equipment, the burnisher will need specialist parts for repair and servicing.

Garbage Disposers are the best helpers a commercial kitchen can employ. There is a whole world of potential problems waiting to happen with garbage disposers. However, with regular and thorough maintenance, cleaning and watchful use of your product, your garbage disposing equipment should have a long and happy life. There are a few items which regularly cause issues in the garbage disposer, putting them out with the garbage would be more sensible: Grease and fats, egg shells, celery, bones, fruit stones, fish scales and anything solid and non-organic.

Using cold water from the faucet when rinsing dishes will avoid fats melting and then solidifying further down the waste chain – just one tip to help keep the whole system working.

There are a whole range of garbage disposal systems and once your engineer has identified yours he can simply contact us here at Direct Brand for the quality replacement parts needed for the repair or service.

Likewise, dishwashers themselves require basic self-maintenance to help avoid hefty engineering bills.

Often used in a commercial kitchen set-up, sat in the run of equipment, will be at least one Dishtable. The dishtables will be used for stacking dishes before and after their visit to the dishwasher. Although there doesn’t appear to be much to go wrong with a dishtable, if they do start to degrade or fail, we have all the parts you’ll need for these too. After all, superior hygiene requires superior dishwashing products.

The Glasswasher is another important commercial kitchen appliance. There are ways, as with all cleaning equipment, to help your glasswasher enjoy a long and problem-free life. This includes ensuring solids don’t end up in the machine. Examples of solids include: Straws, cocktail umbrellas, lumps of fruit and napkins stuffed in glasses. All of these could end up causing damage to the glasswasher.

Remember, although a glasswasher is as expensive to install as a dishwasher (if not more!), it is a very different machine. Glasswashers use warm water for a shorter, dedicated wash cycle. Other crockery should not be placed in the glasswasher as it is unlikely to be effectively cleaned and could disrupt the water flow around the glassware.

Running a commercial food business can be a daunting and stressful occupation and the cost of setting the kitchen up with the right tools and equipment for the job can run into thousands of dollars. Whilst engineer visits are occasionally inevitable, all of these pieces of equipment will benefit from regular care, cleaning and maintenance.

Reliable engineers, using our prompt, dependable service, can be called upon to fix any arising issues. Regular servicing, training all staff in using equipment and using only recommended cleaning and rinsing products should keep those engineers’ visits to a minimum.

Direct Brand is your reliable source of high quality replacement parts for all of your dishwashing equipment. With quick delivery, cost effective pricing, worldwide shipping and online support, we can be relied upon to solve your commercial kitchen problems.

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