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Drinking Water Fountains

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There are many styles of modern, efficient and safe drinking water fountains.
Floor standing, often referred to as pedestal fountains.
Wall mounted, where space is limited, a compact station is often hung on the wall.
Chilled mounted, an advancement in wall mounted fountains, which incorporate refrigeration.
Recessed fountains, these are particularly found where they have been part of a new build or renovation. A great space saver.
Bottle stations, fountains which double up as a refill stop, helping reduce plastic waste.
Many designs will also be adapted for ease of use, for example, for wheelchair users. And in more rugged locations, versions are manufactured to withstand the weather in outdoor situations.
When problems arise with drinking water fountains, or servicing is required, parts and accessories from a wide range of manufacturers are available from our extensive selection at Direct Brand.
Some of the problems which can occur with drinking fountains include:
Water is leaking from the spout. Unless you can visibly see a crack, it is more than likely a valve failure. To be sure of a competent repair, we would recommend using a professional engineer or plumber.
A refrigerated water fountain isn’t cooling the water. This could be due to an overloading thermostat. The coolant system could also be failing or leaking somewhere in the cooling system.
The fountain is blocked. The most common failure of a drinking fountain is a lack of liquid coming out of the spout. This could simply be due to a blockage. If this is the case, and you are confident, removing the spout and prising the blockage out could be the fix. Be sure to clean the system through before drinking from the fountain.
Drinking fountain has low pressure. This, again could be due to a partial blockage. There might also be something more serious amiss in the plumbing supply.
With any of these problems it would be advisable to seek the advice of a professional. Once your plumber or engineer has isolated which components may be causing the drinking water fountain to have issues, they can be sure to get replacement parts from Direct Brand.
Spare parts for repair or servicing include:

General Plumbing Parts
Cup Dispensers

With cost effective pricing, quick delivery and readily available online support, Direct Brand offer various solutions to your drinking fountain problems.
See the wide range of quality replacement parts which are available from us for a huge selection of models and manufacturers of drinking water fountains.”

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