Diversitech 3" PVC Concentric Vent Kit CVENT-3

Concentric vent kit

  • Brand: Diversitech
  • Part Number: CVENT-3


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Diversitech (CVENT-3) 3″ PVC Concentric Vent Kit

PVC concentric vents make it easier on high efficiency furnaces to have a 2 pipe installation. The CVENT-3 is the 3 inch pipe version. Simplifying the installation process, this pipe uses just one vent hole through the wall or roof, compared to the usual 2, making installation and appearances better. You must always consult the manual to your appliance before purchasing this concentric vent kit. Do not use the Concentric Vent kit for anything other than a category IV furnace.

DiversiTech’s CVENT series concentric vent kit includes all fittings a contractor will need to install the vent. No additional fittings for outside connections are needed.

Only piping from the vent kit to the furnace will need to be provided separately.