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Enviro Pellet Stove Parts

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Enviro Pellet Stove Parts – Low Prices Guaranteed

Direct Brand guarantees our prices are the lowest on all our Enviro pellet stove parts.  So, when you are looking for a replacement part for your enviro pellet stove, you are going to get the best price and high-quality products.

Enviro, starting under the name Sherwood Industries was founded in 1989. They obtained a license enabling them to manufacture the “seefire” stoves. This was the first hearth product produced by the company. It wasn’t long before they became the first pellet stove company in Canada, with the EF1 model in 1990.

Towards the late ’90s, Enviro started branching out into non North American markets. Beginning with trade shows in Europe to help them break into that market. This coincided with their release of fireplace inserts which expanded their product range.

In 2001 Sherwood Industries became the Enviro we know today. This brought all of their products under one name and helped with making the brand feel more familiar in foreign markets.

Over the following years there was more of a focus on gas stoves as they became more popular across Europe and other importing countries such as New Zealand.

By 2014, when Enviro celebrated their 25th anniversary, they were releasing many different stove varieties, with an emphasis on gas stoves in various designs to fit in with home interiors across the world.

Our support is standing by and is located in the USA so we can assist you with your order.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our Enviro pellet stove parts please contact us and we will assist you.  Our support team is highly trained and knows what parts fit your stove.

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