Ez Route P01-06 Premier 6 Loop

P01-06 Premier 6 Loop

  • Brand Name: Ez Route
  • Part Number: P01-06


SKU: 107100

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Ez Route P01-06 Premier 6 Loop

The Ez Route P01-06 Premier 6 Loop provides everything you need to make routing fast and easy. This complete package will create a professional and clean finish to any PEX tubing projects. Being the only stand- alone PEX organizer on the market, it is unique for PEX tubing projects such as hydronic radiant heating and plumbing. Save time and money with this very easy to use PEX tubing.

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  • ½”, ⅝” tubes in unison ¾” and 1” in a single channel.
  • Simple to use with a clean & professional finish.
  • Organizes PEX tubing.

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