Fasco A066 Motor Draft Inducer 115V

Fasco A066 Motor Draft Inducer 115V

  • Brand: Fasco
  • Part Number: A066


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Fasco A066 Blower Motor, Draft Inducer

The draft inducer is located inside your furnace and switches on before your burners are lit to help clear out an lingering combustion gases and remains on to help supply your burner with oxygen.

Full Product Specifications:

  • HP: 1/30
  • Cycles: 60Hz
  • Amps: 1.27
  • RPM: 3000

Equivalent To:

Rheem/117104-01, Ametek/117104-01, Rheem/117104-08,Ametek/117104-08, Rheem/117847-07, Ametek/117847-07,Icp/1690042, Rheem/4Mf46, Rheem/5C089,Packard/66838, Rheem/70-22162-81, Rheem/70-22838-02,Rheem/70-22838-82, Rheem/70-24149-01, Rheem/70-24157-03,Rheem/70-24175-81, Fasco/7062-2615, Fasco/7062-4534,Rheem/7062-4534, Fasco/7062-4702

Included in the Fasco A066 box:

Housing, motor and instructions. This is an AMP model.

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