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Food Preparation Equipment Parts

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Food Preparation Equipment Parts

The key to any successful food business is, of course, in the preparation.

Serving a high volume of customers in one sitting (whether that be a large meal or light lunch) requires planning. Professional caterers know that food should be prepared in advance and be ready to cook, before service starts.

When food preparation equipment fails, it can take chefs much longer to get the food ready for the customer to consume. Direct Brand understand that prep appliance failure can be stressful and time-consuming. It can also lose the food business money since chefs will be spending more time preparing the food manually.

We stock various parts to ensure the appliances are in full working order.

Different pieces of commercial food equipment will be required in different outlets. For example, diners may favour french fry cutters and garnishing equipment, while fine dining locations are likely to require grinders, graters, and meat and seafood preparation appliances.

The following can be used for food preparation:

Bread slicers replace the need for manual utensils when cutting bread and baked goods. The product should be cooked and ready-to-eat before it goes through the bread slicer. Various settings means that the thickness of the slice can be altered. Bread slicers are popular in bakeries, supermarkets and hospitality settings.

Meat Slicers are often used on delicatessens and in butcher shops to cut meats, sausages and meat-based deli products. Modern meat slicers run off a motor and contain a number of engineered parts that may require replacing should the machine become faulty.

Commercial Mixers are the star of the show in a professional kitchen. When a caterer has a high-quality mixer, they can guarantee their mix will be of a desirable consistency. A mixer saves a chef time and effort. When a kitchen has a mixer, the mixture delivered (for whatever food product) will be consistent, and can be achieved no matter which chef or sous-chef is on-duty at the time. When the mixer goes wrong, it is essential that it is fixed as quickly and as effectively as possible.

French Fry Cutters are useful in commercial kitchens and take-away outlets. French fries are a popular accompaniment to any dish and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is important a caterer can serve French Fries quickly. When the cutter fails, it is essential any broken parts are replaced to get it working again for the safety of the user and the delivery of goods to the customer.

Commercial Blending Appliances vary in form. Different caterers will require different styles of blenders and can choose from food blenders (for smoothies and hard foods), bar blenders (for cocktails) and immersion blenders (handheld blenders for mashed potato, soups, sauces and whipping cream). Whichever one the business requires, when it goes wrong, it needs fixing rapidly to resume regular service.

Grinders and Graters are a behind-the-scenes products involved with the prep of various foods. They are excellent for herb preparation and can really make the difference between creating a tasty seasoned dish and a bland one.

Garnishing Equipment is useful in diners and more relaxed eateries. They are ideal for the customers to help themselves to their own condiments and seasonings.

Cheese Cutters replace hand held cheese cutting utensils and can save the chef time when it comes to prep.

Candy Slicers are essential in the commercial production of sweets. While it may be niche companies that use a candy slicer, when a slicer breaks, businesses that use it will want to get it fixed straight away to continue creating sweet treats.

Dough sheeters, dividers, covers and presses are used for croissants, pastries, pizzas and flatbreads. When these dough prep equipment go wrong in a professional kitchens, it may mean the kitchen must outsource dough products. Direct Brand provide various parts to replace worn out features of dough prep equipment to return the appliances back to full working order.

Commercial can openers and can crushers are useful in a wide range of kitchens. It doesn’t matter what type of food you’re cooking, can openers and crushers will, no doubt, be an integral element of your kitchen.

Find parts for all food preparation equipment items in our range of products at Direct Brand to keep your kitchen profit-making and running smoothly.

For a professional kitchen to run optimally, it is important that all the appliances are running at peak condition.

Direct Brand stock various food preparation equipment parts to keep every appliance in your kitchen working well.

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