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Fryer Parts

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Fryer Parts

No matter what the operation of the commercial kitchen, it is likely that there will be a fryer in use. Or possibly several.

Frying appliances are used to cook a variety of foods including fish, fried vegetables, fries, chicken, authentic oriental cuisine and more.

Commercial fryers are hard-wearing and manufactured from stainless steel. Because they withstand heavy-use and dramatic changes in temperature, they need to be hard-wearing. After all, a commercial kitchen could grind to a halt without its fryer.

Frying appliances are manufactured to either use gas or electricity, with each having advantages. Gas heats the oil more quickly, but the electric models will recover their temperature better between fries.

Here at Direct Brand we have a huge range of parts for many different types of commercial fryers. These include:

  • The Tube option– Suitable for heavy frying. Tube fryers feature a large area for sediment to gather without burning. They are used for frying large items like chicken and fish.
  • The Open Pot – Not so good for heavy items but meet the basic frying needs of a smaller operation
  • The Flat Bottom – These are used for liquid battered foods and treats like donuts. They quite often incorporate a draining and cooling attachment. Sediment is prone to burning on the flat bottom.
  • Ventless Counter Top– Great where space is tight, such as a food truck or concession stand.

  • Electric Counter Top– Another space saving appliance, they can be flexible in location too, particularly if they aren’t needed for every service.
  • Floor Either gas or electric, these are the fryers for large operations. Where space isn’t a concern and fried food is the main output of a commercial kitchen, the floor fryer can be the focus of the catering operation.
  • Floor Fryers With Built In Filtration – The next level up to the floor fryer. The filtration system gives oil a longer useable life. This in turn means less frequent labor, intensive oil changes and cleaning. This option is fuelled by either gas or electric.
  • Split Pot Deep Fryers – Where different food types need to be cooked without risk of contaminating each other, this option of appliance is ideal.

Your deep fat fryer will need regular cleaning and maintenance and a scheduled service. Many are designed to gather debris in a cooling area and this will need periodic removal. If any of the accessories, such as baskets, pots, screens and joiners start to tarnish these can be bought from our extensive range of parts.

For servicing, and for repair, there are many components which may have a shorter life span than the machine itself. Your engineer can find the required quality replacement parts here at Direct Brand.

Whether it is the filter systems, fuel components, burners, switches, control panels, heating elements or thermostats, we have the parts needed.

With quality, direct replacement parts for fryers from all major manufacturers, including BKI, Frymaster and Falcon, together with cost effective pricing, 24 hour support and express delivery, you can rely on Direct Brand to keep your fryers….well, frying.

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