Double Wall Oil Tank 265 Gallon - Granby 961226

2-in-1 double wall 265 gallon oil tank

  • Brand: Granby
  • Part Number: 961226
  • Length: 44 ins
  • Width: 28 ins
  • Height: 63 ins


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Granby 961226 2-in-1 Double Wall Oil Tank 265 Gallon

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Similar to Roth oil tanks, the Granby double wall oil tank is suited for basements with head rooms as low as 80 inches and, because it is only 28 inches wide, it is easy to maneuver through narrow doorways. The Granby 961226 2-in-1 double wall oil tank 265 gallon offers additional peace of mind and trouble-free installation. Being a double wall oil tank, the primary tank is made of blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and the internal tank is fluorination treated for odor and chemical resistance which is exclusive to Granby oil tanks. The secondary containment is made of galvanized steel on both sides, tightly welded and edged using state of the art manufacturing equipment. The tank also has a visual leak detector for the monitoring of the integrity of the primary tank.

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Full Product Specifications:

  • Oil supply opening size: 3/8 ins and 1/2 ins top duplex bushing
  • Location: Indoor / outdoor.
  • Capacity: 265 imp. gallons / 1000 litres.
  • Dimensions: 63 ins high x 28 in wide x 44 ins length.
  • Weight: 84 lbs/185 kg.
  • Robust floor stand made entirely of galvanized steel
  • Optimal for space utilization: suited for basements with headroom as low as 60″ and narrow doorways of only 28″ wide
  • Easy carrying and manipulation thanks to its light weight and welded ergonomic handles
  • Tank comes with all required accessories for installation
  • Approved for lubricant storage
  • B100 biofuel ready

granby-oil-tank illustration

In case of emergency leaks, try the ‘magic’ emergency magnetic patches. We can also supply the Granby 961225 190 gallon double wall oil tank.

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