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Granby Oil Tanks

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  • Granby 961226 Oil Tank 265 Gallon
    HVAC Replacement Parts

    265 Gallon Double Wall Oil Tank – Granby 961226

  • oil tank legs
    Plumbing Parts

    Plumbers Edge PE114TFL Oil Tank Legs

  • double wall oil tank 190 gallon
    HVAC Replacement Parts

    Granby Double Wall Oil Tank 190 Gallon – 961225

  • Beckett 1357515 14826P Vertical Oil Tank
  • vertical 275 Gallon oil tank
    Granby Oil Tanks

    275 Gallon Fuel Oil Tank UVB275B1

  • HVAC Parts & Accessories

    Magnetic S216 Emergency Oil Tank Patch

  • Beckett 1357510 14517P 2X2 Vert Fill Alarm
  • Granby verticle 330 gallon oil tank

Granby Oil Tanks and Tank Accessories

Granby oil tanks have become widely available across the US and Canada from a variety of suppliers since they first became available in 1954.

Innovation is Granby’s main driver for keeping their place amongst the market leaders in the petroleum and water storage tank industry.

It is not just water and oil storage tanks that Granby offer. Furnaces, radiators, boilers, and towel warmers make up their heating product lines.

They are also a major player in the Propane Vessel Fabrication Industry in the USA. Several third party online and physical stores also supply propane pressure vessels, but we do not currently offer these at Direct Brand.

Granby Oil Tank Prices

Granby manufacture large water and petroleum holding tanks, ranging from 125 gal to 1000 gal. At Direct Brand you will find 4 of these sizes: 190 gal, 265 gal, 275 gal, and 330 gal.

As we do not manufacture the products ourselves, we are limited as to the price we can list them for. However, we ensure that our customers receive a competitive price by aligning our prices with the most well-known stores with a physical presence. You will be able to see that we often beat these prices.

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