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Griddle & Grill Parts

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Griddle and Grill Parts

Commercial kitchens need to be equipped for all styles of cooking. All those food favourites, finished with an authentic taste, need to be prepared on the right grill.

Whatever your style of grill or griddle, here at Direct Brand we have the quality, direct replacement parts to keep your equipment serviced and repaired with minimum disruption to your kitchen. We stock parts for all of the major manufacturers including Garland, Keating and Pitco.

There are many styles, sizes and fuel sources that your appliance may feature. These include:

  • Gas or Electric – In some areas, gas is the cheaper option. In other locations, gas may simply not be available. Gas burners heat the pan more quickly and also recover their temperature faster than electric options. Electric may be easier to place within the kitchen and have less in the way of strict exhaust regulation. A more efficient electric system, featuring induction, is now on the market. This is more expensive to buy, but significantly more economical when it comes to running costs.
  • Counter Top or Drop-in – Grills which are free standing on a countertop offer the flexibility of being moved to a new location within the kitchen if service demands it. The drop in styles, including the Japanese influenced Teppanyaki grills, are much sleeker and involve less reaching to operate.
  • Plate Styles – Traditionally, grill and griddle plates are manufactured from very durable steel. There is a growing trend, though, towards using high quality chrome as the cooking plate. Chrome may not be quite as durable but it is more efficient because it heats up using less energy. Chrome is also much easier to clean. Griddle plates come in various thicknesses, those cooking fresh breakfast items may opt for a thinner plate than for a business cooking lots of frozen foods. These plates are also available in sizes from 12” up to a huge 72”.
  • Thermostat or Manual – Sensitive and delicate items would tend to benefit from the closely controlled temperature offered by a thermostat. Burgers and other meats are better cooked on a more flexible griddle with manual controls.

As with all commercial kitchen equipment, a thorough cleaning and checking routine can help avoid complete failures in the appliance. It is also wise to have this equipment regularly serviced by a professional engineer. This cleaning and servicing program should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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