Grundfos 3/4" Threaded Bronze Dielectric Isolation Valve (2 pack) 96806130

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  • Brand: Grundfos
  • Product Number: 96806130


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The Grundfos Isolation Valve (2 pack) 96806130

Low-Lead bronze flange/ball valve set for isolating circulators. Fits UP/UPS 15 and 26 series pumps at NPT. Set includes 2 each rotating flanges, lever handled full ported ball valve, EPDM gaskets and dielectric sleeves.

Features of The Dielectric Isolation Valve Kit

  • Dielectric isolation offers resistance against corrosion
  • Features swivel flange for easy installation
  • Includes lever-handled, full-ported ball valve and EPDM gaskets
  • Full port shut-off ball valve
  • Dielectric isolation = no galvanic (dissimilar metal) corrosion
  • Service pump without draining system
  • Swivel flange allows optimum pump mounting position


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