Halsey Taylor Hac8Pv-Nf Water


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Cabinet: stainless steel panels resist wear and corrosion, durable satin finish helps hide water spots and fingerprints
Cooler top: non-corrosive stainless steel cooler top, 300 series with satin finish resists stains and corrosion and is easy to maintain, anti-splash ridge reduces splatter, contoured to insure proper drainage
Bubbler exclusive 1-piece, chrome-plated 2 stream mound-building bubbler with non-removable anti-squirt feature and integral hood insures a satisfying drink of water
Push bar actuation mechanism self-closing light-touch push bars on fronT and sides with raised letters for the visually impaired
Automatic stream height regulator self-closing assembly is located inside unit to prevent tampering, unit resists corrosion and liming, a constant stream height is automatically maintained under line pressures that vary from 20 psi to 105 psi
Inlet strainer easily cleaned in-line strainer screen traps particles of 140 micron or larger before they enter the waterway
Temperature control positive sensing thermostat for controlling temperature of storage tank water, factory set at 50°ree;F adjustable 5°ree;F
Storage tank non-pressurized stainless steel evaporator/storage tank for long life, waterways are certified to NSF/ANSI 61, far exceeding the requirements of the safe drinking water act
Refrigeration system: hermetically sealed, positive start compressor with lifetime lubrication and built-in overload protection, efficient capillary sizing, large capacity dryer-strainer and self-lubricated fan cools copper/aluminum condenser, system uses R-134A refrigerant, protected by Halsey Taylors limited 5-year warranty
Ventilation insure proper ventilation by maintaining 6 in. (152 mm) minimum clearance from cabinet louvers to wall