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  • Slantfin 1358300 Sf 101-401-060 30-75 6' Complete
    Baseboards & Heating

    SLANTFIN 101-401-060 baseboard 6 ft. complete

  • Haydon 266909 750 3/4X4 Baseboard Complete
  • Taco 1179487 00R-F6-1Ifc 1/25 Hp Flgd 115V
  • Haydon 266906 750 3/4X5 Baseboard Complete
  • Suntec 563058 A2Va-7116 Sin Stg Fuel Oil

    Suntec Oil Pump A2VA-7116

  • Nonstock 1622455 Dp 4" Round Copper Vent W/Damper
    Ducting & Venting

    Dp 4″ Round Copper Vent W/Damper

  • Ultrafin 1470698 Ultra Fin Uf4010 10 Alum Ultrfin
    Heater Accessories

    Ultra Fin Uf4010 10 Alum Ultrfin

  • Star Mfg Ws-506921 Charbroiler Radiant
    Broiler Parts

    Star WS-506921 Charbroiler Radiant

  • Heater Accessories

    Beckett 14504P 14504O 2-11/2 Tank

  • Slantfin 113338 Sf 101-406 30 Lh Wall Trim
    Baseboards & Heating

    Sf 101-406 30 Lh Wall Trim

  • Vrv 121079 Ks2010 Quiet One Kickspace
  • Vrv 121073 Ks2004 Quiet One Kickspace
    Fan Convectors

    VRV KS2004 Quiet One Kickspace

  • Beckett 1357506 14475 2X3/8 Duplex Tank
  • Haydon 298669 750 5 Bsebrd Enclosure
  • Slantfin Sf 103-411-000 80 Rh Hinged End Cap
    Baseboard & Covers

    Sf 103-411-000 80 Rh Hinged End Cap

  • Boiler & Furnace Igniters

    Teledyne Laars Igniter 2400-138 (DB0138)

  • Beckett 1020494 7505B1500U Oil Primary With
    Boiler Accessories

    Beckett 7505B1500U GeniSys Burner Control

  • Modine 629757 Md 28048 Lpg Kit F/ Pd150Aa0111
  • Hydrolvl 86161 Hyd 170Sv 45-175 120V Low Wtr
    Heater Accessories

    Hydrolevel 170SV Low Water Cut-Off Probe

  • Vrv 121075 Ks2006 Quiet One Kickspace

Some of the main components are:
Boilers – if the heating of your system is provided by a boiler, this may be oil or gas powered. Some are steamless, others condensing and come in
a wide range of output ratings. When a boiler is driving an integrated system, the heat is transported via a network of pipes containing the hot fluid. Our support team are always on hand to help with your boiler queries.

Ceiling Heaters – whatever space you want to be warmer, our range of ceiling heaters is sure to include the perfect match for you. With outputs starting at 20,000
BTU and going up to over 200,000 BTU, we have ceiling heating covered. Our range includes low profile options, as well as those with adjustable air direction choices. The range we sell are available to work with various styles of boilers or furnaces.

Forced Air Furnaces – run on either gas, electricity or oil, a furnace work by heating air and then forcing it into the HVAC system.
It is then carried throughout the building via a ducting system. This is generally less expensive to install than a boiler, and less complex, but also likely to be less more expensive to run. Modern units are increasingly efficient though which,
when combined with the smaller initial outlay, make this system an attractive proposition. We stock a wide range of furnaces from major manufacturers, such as Century.

Garage Heaters – primarily natural or propane gas, garage heaters may be wall or ceiling mounted. They are available in a range of output capacities to warm
even the largest of spaces. They can be standalone, just for an external garage, or incorporated into the building’s HVAC system. A professional engineer will point you towards the most appropriate unit for your space.

Baseboard and Floor Installations – where a system is likely to be providing heat most of the time, rather than cooling, the installation may take place at
floor level. The reason behind this is that hot air rises. So if its source is at floor level, as the air rises, the whole space will get warmer.

From decorative trims to full panels, Direct Brand stock all of the quality parts you may need.
Heating Accessories – with so many methods of raising temperature within so many types of HVAC installation, it is no surprise that the possible list of parts
needed for repair or installation is huge. Pumps, vents, filters and an array of plumbing parts are all readily available for your engineer to complete the job.
See our range of HVAC heating parts and accessories above.

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