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Blower Motor/Draft Inducer for Fasco A170


SKU: 12463

OEM Equivalent

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Blower Motor/Draft Inducer for Fasco A170

The Blower Motor/Draft Inducer is designed to replace various Fasco, Packard and ICP blower/inducer models.

Blower Motor Specifications:

  • 115V
  • 3400RPM
  • 60Hz
  • 0.65AMP
  • Class B Insulation

Equivalent To:

FASCO/A170, FASCO/A171, PACKARD 66350, ICP/1010312, ICP/1010526, ICP/1010527, ICP/1010928, ICP/1011095, ICP/1011097, ICP/1011409, ICP/1164280, ICP/1164282, Fasco/7021-10299, ICP/7021-10299, Fasco/7021-10702, ICP/7021-10702, Fasco/7021-8918, ICP/7021-8918, Fasco/7021-9362, ICP/7021-9362, Fasco/7021-9594, ICP/7021-9594, Fasco/7021-9935, ICP/7021-9935, Fasco/7021-9936, ICP/7021-9936