Universal Capacitor Motor Run CoolRun



A permanent universal capacitor replacing 200 single and dual value capacitors

  • Brand: Direct Brand
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Universal Motor Run Capacitor CoolRun

The CoolRun from Direct Brand is US patent protected, and its primary function is to reduce inventory, replacing hard-to-find and obsolete capacitors. Over the past 15 years, our motor run capacitor has been used as a permanent solution, replacing 200 single and dual value motor run capacitors, 2.5 MFD to 67.5 MFD combined total capacitance. With full instructions provided, simply use the included jumper leads to make up the capacitance you need.

Our motor run capacitors are mostly used with air conditioning units and forced-air heat furnaces.

Features of the CoolRun Capacitor:

  • US Patent Protected: 7,987,593 8,159,810 8,395,879
  • Awesome price, well below our competitors
  • The COOLRUN is designed for single or dual capacitor rating for condenser and blower motors up to 67.5 MFD.
  • The range is 2.5 MFD – 67.5 MFD. 370-Volt or 440-Volt applications.
  • No additional adjustments are necessary for 370 MFD and 440 MFD.
  • Cooler running for extended capacitor life, all year round
  • Full 5 year warranty
  • Compatible to operate with capacitor hard start kits
  • Meets the universal permanent split capacitor EIA (electronic industry association) standard, EIA 456
  • Replaces single and dual value capacitors – 370 or 440 VAC 506239
  • Replaces 20 single value capacitors 12.5 MFD combined total capacitance 506240
  • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

For single value capacitors, see the Mmmunicap20

Here’s the motor run capacitor wiring diagram…


coolrun mmunicap 200 jumpering instructions

Included In The Box:

Includes capacitor, jumper leads, pen and full instructions