Fenwal Ignition Control 35-705701-505


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Fenwal Ignition Control 35-705701-105

Part number: 35-705701-105

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Fenwal Ignition Control 35-705701-505

This ignition control component is highly versatile and usable in a wide variety of applications and appliances. This component is designed for controlling gas valves and igniting gas fired equipment. It is precise, accurate and most importantly safe. There are multiple flame sense options as well as many other vital and important elements. Alongside being easy to install and use it has an automatic reset every hour.

Full Product Specifications:

  • Multiple connection and construction types
  • Easy installation
  • Repeatable timing sequences for both purges and ignitions
  • One hour automatic reset
  • 3 enclosure configurations
  • 2 wiring options
  • 2 trial for ignition options
  • 4 trial for ignition times
  • 2 flame sense and reset options
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Highly versatile

Compatible Models:

  • Construction and Agriculture Heaters
  • Crop Dryers
  • Ceramic and Black Body Infrared Heaters
  • Commercial Cooking Equipment
  • Any 120 VAC Gas Burner Application under 400K BTU

Equivalent to Fenwal 35-705701-105