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Kozy Kollar KKPV-2 Roof Flashing 2" Black Rubber


SKU: 1357905/106365

Rubber Roof Flashing

  • Brand Name: Krazy Kollar
  • Part Number: KKPV-2
  • Made in America
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Kozy Kollar KKPV-2 2 inch Rubber Roof Flashing

With split payment and express shipping options, this Kozy Kollar KKPV-2 works on a variety of shingles and roof types, including metal roofs and is easily installed from the inside of the building. Forms a weather tight seal on all 4 sides. You no longer have to risk your life climbing up to install a roof!

Full Product Specifications:

    • 2 inch Kozy Kollar EPDM rubber roof flange with heat resistance to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Molded around a .125 steel Main Fame with six casehardened 1?4-20 female stand-offs installed.
    • Two plated 1.5 inch x 10.25 inch x .104 inch Lower Mounting Plates
    • Six 1?4-20 x 2.5 inch plated studs.
    • Six 1?4-20 x7/8 inch plated couplings torqued to 3 foot pounds.
    • Size: 11 inch long x 8 inch wide x 2.5 inch tall.
    • Weight: Kollar 4 pounds, Complete kit 4.5 pounds
    • 1.5 oz tube of Permatex 2-A.
    • Roof Slope – 1/12 pitch to 12/12 pitch
    • Allowable Roof materials: three tab conventional shingles, architectural shingle, metal roof with solid substrate, and rolled roofing with solid substrate.

Warranty For Kozy Kollar Rubber Roof Flashing:

Limited warranty does not cover product failure caused by improper installation, application over deteriorated or improperly installed roof shingles or exposure to chemicals or environmental pollutants

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