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Westwood S220 UL Tiger Loop

Oil de-aerator replacement

  • Brand Name: Westwood
  • Part number: S220 UL


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Westwood S220 UL Tiger Loop

The Tigerloop oil de-aerator includes a Firomatic fusible valve. It safely handles suction line air leaks and removes air entrained in oil during transportation and delivery. The Westwood S220 reduces running vacuum for clear, foam free oil at the nozzle and preheats oil for cleaner combustion, which in turn extends filter element life.


  • Max. nozzle capacity: 20 GPH
  • Max. return oil pumped into Tigerloop: 30 gph
  • Max. oil flow: 50 gph
  • Operating Temperature: 20° – 105°F
  • Max. Ambient Temperature: 105°F
  • Max. operating pressure in feed line: 8 PSI
  • Connections: 1/4″-NPT (F)
  • Fuel type: Nos. 1 & 2, B5 BioHeat Biofuel


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