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Henny Penny Parts

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  • Henny Penny 25643 Gasket, Door
    Henny Penny Parts

    Henny Penny Door Gasket 25643

  • Henny Penny 17476 Pump Seal Kit
    Fryer Parts

    Henny Penny Pump Seal Kit 17476

  • Henny Penny Hi-Limit Thermostat 60241
  • Henny Penny 19405 Contactor Kit
  • Henny Penny Microswitch 18227
    Fryer Parts

    Henny Penny 18227 Microswitch

  • Cambro 12102 Gasket
  • Henny Penny 55142 Drain Valve Coupling
  • Henny Penny 16268 Fitting Thermocouple
  • Henny Penny Me90-011 Relay 24V
  • Henny Penny 22648 Heater Strip 3X255  230 V
    Henny Penny Parts

    Henny Penny 22648 Heater Strip

  • Henny Penny 88254 Flame Sensor
    Fryer Parts

    Henny Penny Flame Sensor 88254

  • Henny Penny 80821 Motor Blower 50/60 1/4 DIA
  • HENNY PENNY GAS VALVE 24V Replacement Part Number  80761
    Fryer Parts

    Henny Penny Gas Valve 24V 80761

  • HENNY PENNY IGNITION CABLE Cable 12 INCH Replacement Part Number  77923-02
  • HENNY PENNY Ignition Module Replacement Part Number  77839
    Fryer Parts

    Henny Penny Ignition Module 77839

  • Henny Penny Spring, Lid Hinge 75293
  • HENNY PENNY PUMP-MANUAL OIL DISCARD Replacement Part Number  72490
    Henny Penny Parts

    Henny Penny Pump-Manual Oil Discard 72490


Henny Penny Parts

Commercial kitchen and catering equipment manufacturer, Henny Penny, was established over 60 years ago. They manufacture a wide and quality range of cooking equipment, as well as offering a full startup service for commercial kitchens.

As an employee-owned firm, Henny Penny engineer their range from start to finish, including the control panels. They have a well earned reputation for high quality products.

Fryers – All Henny Penny fryers feature built in filtration systems which prolong the useful life of their cooking oil. The firm looks to balance oil savings, performance and costs. Their pressure fryer system allows for faster cooking in shorter time. For foods that are to be crispy, or that float while cooking, they supply more traditional open fryers.

Breading System – They offer a range of hand or automated breading and marinating machines. Options include portable breading stations for when space is limited.

Holding Systems – keeping food at the right temperature is key to customer service. Henny Penny offer heated holding cabinets, countertop holding modules and even a smarthold system. The smarthold system features not just temperature control, but maintains humidity too.

Roasting – The firm’s range includes combi ovens which are perfect units for cooking different foods in different ways. They also offer rotisseries, usually visible to the customer, as part of their heating system range.

Steaming – They manufacture the high quality FlexFusion series of steaming combi ovens. Water vapour is circulated by a fan to eliminate lime build up in the steaming appliances.

Merchandising – A range of heated displays which display the food available. They are as easy to set up and feature the latest technology. Most importantly, merchandisers keep food fresh and warm for longer.

Get your commercial kitchen equipment back up and running with quality direct replacement parts for all of your Henny Penny units from Direct Brand. We offer great value pricing, 24 hour online support and reliable delivery. Browse our product range below. We stock over 90 Henny Penny parts:

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