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Holding & Warming Parts

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  • Holding & Warming Parts

    Frymaster 8030018 Pasta Portion Control Basket

  • Holding & Warming Parts

    Robertshaw Infinite Switch INF-240-1018

  • Holding & Warming Parts

    Robertshaw Infinite Heat Switch Inf-240-472

  • Holding & Warming Parts

    Robertshaw Infinite Switch INF-120-1119

  • ROBERT SHAW INFINITE SWITCH Replacement Part Number  INF-120-65
    Holding & Warming Parts

    Robertshaw Infinite Switch INF-120-65

  • Star WS-50392 Pot for SS10D
    Holding & Warming Parts

    Star Replacement Pot For SS10D

  • hatco R02.19.019.00
  • DUKE HEATING ELEMENT Replacement Part Number  212942
  • Holding & Warming Parts

    Star Heating Element 240V 1650W 2N-303375Ul

  • Holding & Warming Parts

    Pitco Hi-Limit Manual Reset – 450 Degree F

  • Holding & Warming Parts

    Robertshaw Infinite Switch Kit 240V

  • Hatco R02.16.039.00 Thermostat Control Kit
  • Star Mfg P2-Wl0323 Outlet Box
    Holding & Warming Parts

    Star P2-WL0323 Outlet Box

  • Star Mfg Ws-51878 Pan Assy
    Holding & Warming Parts

    Wells WS-51878 Element Pan

  • Winston Products Ps1774 Latch - Magnetic
    Holding & Warming Parts

    Winston PS1774 Magnetic Door Latch

  • Star 2T-45917 Thermostat
    Holding & Warming Parts

    Robertshaw RS 1119-42 / Star 2T-45917 Thermostat

  • STAR Knob Control Assy SS206ET Replacement Part Number  2R-45613
    Holding & Warming Parts

    Star Knob Control Assy Ss206Et 2R-45613

  • Hatco R02.16.057.00 Digital Temperature Indicator Kit
  • Hatco R02.12.066.00 Blower Motor Kit
  • Hatco R02.12.003.00 Blower Motor Kit
  • Hatco R02.12.001.00 Exhaust Blower
  • Hatco Ceramic Element

Holding And Warming Parts

The key to a successful commercial kitchen is planning. With so much expensive equipment available to the budding restaurateur or event caterer, big decisions need to be made about the set-up budget for the business.

Holding and warming equipment should be a priority when designing a commercial kitchen. It is important to keep food hot and well-contained for safety reasons, as well as to ensure the customer is happy with the product. Nobody wants a cold evening meal, that’s for sure.

Once your chef’s delicious food is cooked to the required temperature, it will need to be kept fresh and hot before being delivered to your eager customers. With the right appliance, all of the meals will look appetizing and ready to go.

Depending on what is being cooked – fried or grilled food, maybe soups or curries – there will be a set of warming and holding equipment that’s perfect for you.

There are options for both front of house machines and for the kitchen itself. Our extensive range of quality replacement parts for pieces of equipment from all of the leading manufacturers will enable your engineer to repair or service your appliance with the minimum delay.

Direct Brand stock direct replacements for:

Soup Warmers and Kettles as well as Soup Wells – soup can either be warmed and stored out of sight in a commercial kitchen or displayed in a range of very attractive serving kettles or wells.

Hot Dog Rollers and Hot Dog Steamers – hot dog steamers are a popular commercial choice with their ability to cook hot dogs as well as steam buns. Larger models can cope with over 200 sausages at once. For a ‘New York’ style dog the hot dog roller grills are popular, particularly with smaller concessions or counter top operations.

Display Cabinet and Warming Cabinet – display cabinets offer diners the opportunity to view tempting food choices. They can hold both warm or chilled products at temperature. There are various styles of warming cabinets available- some are used front of house and others are located in the kitchen itself. They are often used to transport food from kitchens once it is cooked, maybe in a hospital or residential care home, or for room service.

Proofing Cabinets – ‘Proofing’ refers to the final fermentation of dough. After dough has been shaped for bread (or perhaps pizza), it will rise in the proofing cabinet. To produce commercial quantities of baked goods, these cabinets need to be consistently producing the necessary heat and humidity required.

Overhead Food Warmers – a good overhead food warmer (or strip heater) will hold food at a safe temperature whilst maintaining that ‘just prepared’ look. The meals can be delivered from here to the customer with confidence. As with all of this specialist equipment, regular and effective cleaning and servicing should avoid the need for a crisis repair. Should a repair be needed, or any parts required for servicing, then Direct Brand is your cost effective, efficient source for quality replacement items.

Heat Lamp and Carving Station – With models to suit various commercial catering operations and at any budget, a carving station gives great variation to the service offered. Customers will enjoy watching their roasted meat carved in front of them, knowing it has been kept fresh and hot by the lamps. From basic heating lamps to infrared strip lights, there is a huge selection of carving station options available.

Heated Merchandisers – Merchandisers are a great way to keep visible food warm. Customers who are ready to purchase can simply select their food on the go. They are ideal for buffets, gas stations and other countertop areas. Heated merchandisers keep pizzas, french fries, hot sandwiches and other self-serve items fresh and warm. More elaborate models could feature LED displays and rotating shelves to keep the food evenly warmed.

Fried Food Holding Stations – often found next to fryers in commercial take away kitchens, a fried food holding station will keep french fries, chicken and other fried favourites warm and fresh before they are packaged up for the customer. Usually these stations will have compartments for different foods and will control the air temperature surrounding the food to keep it in top condition, ready for service.

Dish and Tray Dispensers – It’s not just the food being kept invitingly warm in a commercial catering operation. Crockery and serving dishes will also be kept at a controlled temperature to compliment the service. With free-standing, counter-top and mobile units available, there is a perfect size for every commercial kitchen.

Whether for service or repair, engineers can rely on Direct Brand to provide the part to solve a commercial kitchen problem. We stock affordable, high-quality replacement parts for all of your holding and warming equipment, and deliver it quickly across the globe.

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