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HVAC Motors

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HVAC Motors & Why you need to maintain them.

It’s essential to keep your HVAC motors maintained. Your heating, ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system is likely to incorporate a series of HVAC motors. And if any of them fail or work inefficiently, the whole product could be rendered out of action, leaving your building exposed to the extremes of the climate outside.  In commercial environments, this could even lead to closure and lack of production. Prompt, efficient, and reliable service when a new part is required is essential.

Direct Brand stock a wide range of quality replacement HVAC motors from leading manufacturers such as Dayton, Intercity, and Packard. Our range includes Centrifugal blower, condenser fan, blower, and direct drive motors.

Blower Motors – these are critical to the operation of your HVAC system. Whether cooling or heating, they are located
within the air handling unit and will be constantly running. Whilst they are built to sustain intense use, they may eventually need repair or replacement. Your engineer will be able to diagnose the fault and, if required, select a replacement from our range of quality parts.

A direct-drive motor does not consist of as many parts as the belt-driven alternative. They are popular because they require less complex maintenance overall.

Common Problems with HVAC Motors – problems inevitably come with age. Perhaps the bearings have seized or the voltage to the regulator is disrupted? More commonly, it becomes clogged with dirt, resisting its ability to run. Without regular maintenance and cleaning this will eventually lead to a complete failure.

Centrifugal Blower Motors – used to overcome challenges where a standard fan option might struggle. They require more power and create
more noise. Blowing air into a ducting system, the motor needs to be powerful enough to overcome the static pressure within the air system. They are generally only used if the situation demands it.

Common Problems – a fault may start with a simple vibration. If left unchecked, this vibration will eventually lead to complete failure. At the first sign or sound of vibration, it is worth seeing if the cause can easily be fixed. Often a vibration is caused by a buildup of dust and dirt on the fan wheel which can be removed with some careful cleaning. More serious causes might be a misalignment between the rotor and fan shaft.

Condenser Fan Motor – situated within the condensing unit of the HVAC system, alongside the condenser and the coil. This motor drives the fan blades to force cold air over the coil – causing the refrigerant to become liquid. This process ensures the air conditioning unit remains cool during operation. A smooth-running will prolong the life of many other HVAC components.

Common Problems – complete failures are rare and can often be avoided by regular maintenance, keeping the unit clean and lubricated will prolong the life. Parts do eventually wear though, and should a replacement be required, your engineer can easily diagnose this and choose from our extensive range of genuine, quality replacement parts.
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