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HVAC Pumps

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  • Sfasani 1548003 Sfa 042 Neutralizer Agent For
    HVAC Pumps

    Sfa 042 Neutralizer Agent For

  • Lilgiant 1383409 Lg 553458 Ec-400 Cond Pump
  • HVAC Pumps

    Liberty 404 11.125X13.75W

  • Lilgiant 1399635 Lg 566612 .11Hp Direct
  • Lilgiant 1383408 Lg 553455 Ec-400 Cond Pump
  • Diversi 1176728 Tech Iqp-120 Clearvue
    Air Conditioning Parts

    Diversitech IQP-120 ClearVue

  • HVAC Pumps

    Little Giant 3-ABS Pump 551320

  • Air Conditioning Parts

    Hartell A2-X-1965 DV Condensate Removal Pump

  • Taco 1477355 008-Iqsf6-Ifc Smartplus 1/25Hp
  • Lilgiant 312583 Lg 554455 Vcma20Uls 230V Cond Pump
  • Lilgiant Lg 510851 10Ec-Cia-Sfs 1/2 115V Ci
  • Lilgiant 75429 Lg 554435 Vcma20Ulst 115V Cond Pump
  • Liberty 64128 Le51A 14X11.5W Ci 1/2Hp 1Ph
  • Sfasani 1647529 Sfa 043 Sanineutral Condensate
  • Lilgiant Lg 506855 6Ec-Cia-Sfs 1/3Hp 115V Ci
  • Lilgiant 1357942 Lg 554461 Vcma-20Ulst Cond Pump
  • Lilgiant 1504213 Lg 555112 Pony Pump Transfer Pump
  • Liberty 205244 260 9.5X7W Thermoplas 1/6Hp
  • Lilgiant 1113689 Lg 554550 Vcmx-20Ulst Condensate
    Air Conditioning Parts

    Little Giant 554550 Condensate Pump 115 Vac 60Hz

  • Sanall 196658 Sfa 008 Sanivite Sink Pump
    HVAC Pumps

    Saniflo Sanivite Drain Pump 008

  • Xylem 1819111 25Sa Rule 500 Gph Auto Bilge
  • Lilgiant 70635 Lg 553240 Vcl-45Uls Cond Pump
  • Lilgiant 1383410 Lg 554411 Vcma-15Ult Cond Removal
  • Lilgiant Lg 555101 Upsp-5 Transfer Pump Pc4

HVAC Pumps

Keeping your HVAC system running smoothly is important for your home or business and having an efficient, well-maintained pump will help it stay that way. At Direct Brand, we offer top quality replacement HVAC pumps from all the top name brands.

What is an HVAC pump and what does it do?

An HVAC pump, also known as a condensate pump, pumps the condensation from your HVAC system. This could be from your heater, SC, refrigerator, or boiler/steam system.

The most commonly used, but not the only type, of HVAC pump, is called a centrifugal pump. Centrifugal pumps are available as axial flow or volute pumps.

The volute takes water from the impeller and discharges the water perpendicular to the shaft. A centrifugal pump with a diffuser casing (axial flow pump) discharges the water parallel to the pump shaft.

Volute pumps will draw water out of the impeller and push the water perpendicular to the shaft. The centrifugal pump pushes the water parallel to the pump shaft.


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